Our Mission Statement

Saturday, July 6


We were on TV!!!

This is Jenna reading to the children in the hospital

One of the little girls in the hospital we met.

Group photo at the peace monument

A local girl in the village we worked in today

Jenny Lovell drew on some of the kids in the village

A little girl in the village

Patty Johnson hammering in the floor

One of the houses that was built. I promise it was finished!

Becca Gibbs holding a sleeping child from the village

Kennedy made a new friend!

Jose playing with some of the children

Aren't their eyes irresistible?

The children like to laugh at us gringos

The children in the village were so beautiful

Ginny Reese got to use the chainsaw!

These are just a few of the pictures we have taken.  Josh Sells is doing a wonderful job taking pictures for us, and I hope you enjoy the ones that are being posted.  He and I will continue to post pictures throughout the rest of the trip.  Thank you all for your prayers, we are being blessed beyond measure!!!

Brandy B and Josh Sells

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