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Friday, July 5

Rock Solid

Day One!

This morning was our first morning in Honduras, and it was AWESOME!!  We had breakfast from 7:00 to 8:00.  This morning we had refried beans, eggs, and plantains, it was YUM!!  I love the food here!!  Many people think we might come back a little thinner than when we left, but that would be WRONG!!  If anything we might put on a few pounds!! 

Anyway…Devo was at 8:15 this morning.  Diego led us in a devotional thought this morning.  He discussed with us the importance of being one rock.  For those who do not know, our theme this year is The Power of One.  Matthew 7:26-27 discusses the wise man and foolish man.  Diego explained that when building a home each piece/part has an important role.  A person cannot successfully build a home without each part, starting with a solid foundation.  However, even when you are not using sand, there can still be issues if proper construction techniques are not followed.  Diego used this illustration to encourage us to work as one solid rock, so that we can accomplish what God has sent us to accomplish.  It was a great start to a wonderful morning.

After devo, we gathered supplies and loaded a bus to go to the hospital for the day.  We spent a total of four hours in the hospital on a variety of wards ministering to the patients.  The Hospital visits are always very challenging and emotional.  The only way I can explain what it is like is to ask everyone to think what a hospital might have been like in the 1950s. When you have that image in your head, you are a little closer to being able to understand what we might have experienced.  At the hospital we gave out hygiene packets, food packs, and clothing.  A majority of the items were given to the maternity ward.  Quick shout out to Wal-Mart on donating the food and bags to hand out!!  We were able to hold babies, make balloons, give out stickers, color, and even read (yes read) to the patients.  We even had one young man from Kittanning, PA (Dan Kovach) doing magic tricks for the patients, and let me tell ya this young man is legit!!  In some of the wards we were able to sing different VBS type songs to the patients.  They love the crazy gingos, and we love them just as much!!

For lunch we went to the Peace Monument to see the amazing view.  We spent time getting to know one another and processing the experience.  We have several pictures from the Peace Monument that I hope to be able to post soon.  After lunch we went back to the hospital for the remaining two hours.

At 4 we loaded the buses and returned to the mission house.  At 6:30 we had supper, which was FABULOUS!!  We had salad, rice, chicken, and a roll, like I said we would gain weight here!!  After supper we went to devo, which was actually broadcast live!!  Jeremy Myers is leading us in devotional thoughts at night.  After devo everyone went their separate ways, some went to the cafeteria to fellowship, and others went to shower and prepare for bed.  It has been a great start to what will be an AMAZING trip!!  Thank you all for your prayers!! 

Brandy B

If any of you guys have any questions please feel free to email me at brandyb06@gmail.com.

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