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Saturday, July 13

Day 9

I’m a little late posting yesterday’s blog, so please forgive me!!  Yesterday started out with breakfast between 7 – 8, I think we had eggs and beans and ham.  After breakfast we had devo led by Dan Hein.  Dan talked to us about being out of our comfort zones and trying new things.  He gave us examples from the week where several of the team members were out of their comfort zones. Some of the examples include: Tricky Pat painting finger nails at the hospital, some of the young men leading in worship, everyone at the blind school, etc.  Dan encouraged us to be ready to step out of our comfort zones and strive to be all we can for God.

After devo we split into two large groups and one group of four.  The group of four included Terry Reeves, Margaret Reeves, Brian Steffy, and Val Steffy.  The team loaded two trucks with food (beans, rice, flour, spaghetti, sugar, salt, coffee, etc.) and took it out to Didasko and finished the painting of the playground.  They were able to watch the kids enjoy the playground and utilize the new slide that was put in.  The stories are so heart warming and I wish I could have been there to see the children.  I love Didasko so very much!!

A group of about 15 went to the open market to purchase veggies to pack up and deliver to a village called Veintiuno de Octubre.  The open market was a blast!!  Jenny Lovell knows what she is doing when in comes to getting the best prices for veggies.  We were able to purchase enough for 100 bags. It was very interesting to see the exotic fruits as well.  We were able to purchase a few to try when we returned back to mission house.  Some of the fruit was really good, while others we not, but it was a lot of fun trying the new fruits.!!  After we packed the food and delivered it to the village we did a Gatorade Blitz!!  I have no idea how to explain what a Gatorade Blitz is that will give it justice, but I will try.  We go around the city passing out Gatorade to street workers, construction workers, police officers, and beggars.  We completed the blitz really fast because there are several construction sites in Teguc.  During the blitz we also handed out hygiene packets.  It is very humbling to see the gratitude in those receiving Gatorade, they are so grateful, and confused at the same time.  I love this time of the trip because we are attempting to reach out to more than just the villages!!

I am Robin Tenpenny from Nashville.  Yesterday at Mololoa we did Daughters of the King where we treated the girls special.  We washed their hair, combed it, braided it, washed their feet and painted their toes and fingernails.  Then they were given a dress and “jewelry”.  It was so nice to see the smiles on their face as they went through each step!  Hopefully we showed them how special they are to God while we took care of them.

We returned to the mission house at about 5:30 to clean up and get ready for dinner.  Last we had THE BEST MEAL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had pico, home made chips, rice, beans, and beef tips.  It absolutely my most favorite meal EVER!!  After dinner we had split devo.  This is the first time I have been a part of a split devo in Honduras, and I loved it.  Sharing in worship with my sisters was very encouraging and hope it is a tradition we can start.  After devo we fellowshipped with one another for a while and went to bed to rest up for our last workday in Honduras.  It is hard to believe that we have been here for 10 days and that we begin our journey home in about 24 hours.  I’m ready to be home to see friends and family, but I am not ready to leave my Honduran family and those I have met on this trip.  I have made lasting friendships and renewed those I have made in the past.  The memories that have been made here will be life long reminders of the Power of God and the Power of One.  Thank you all for praying for the team and the work, but please do not stop praying for the Honduran family.  This is an ongoing mission that does not stop because we leave.  We will see all of you soon!! 

Love ya Bunches
Brandy B

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