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Wednesday, July 10

Building in Butter!!

Day 6

Today was another fabulous day in Honduras!!  We started with breakfast between 7-8.  This morning we had French toast, and fruit.  We met for devo at 8:00 in the chapel where Riley Bowers led us in our thoughts.  He discussed with us how some things stand out in a crowd.  He used the illustration of an open court yard with people holding umbrellas.  All of the umbrellas were black except for two, one was white and the other was grey.  He asked us which umbrella would stand out the most, and of course we said the white one.  He then discussed how important it was for us to be the one that stands out, to be a bright light. It was a great lesson and a wonderful way to start off the day.

Today we had two teams, a construction team and a visitation team.  I must confess that I was not looking forward to the possibility of building today because of the difficult sites we had yesterday.  I actually prayed I would not have to build, but God had a different plan for me.  Obviously, I volunteered to build today because so many wanted to participate in the visitation.  I was dreading it!!  When we were near the build site I said another little prayer that God would give me the strength needed to help with this build. God is truly all knowing and all powerful.  He blessed not only me but the whole group.  I have coming to Honduras for 9 years and have been on multiple trips during a few of those years, meaning I have participated in A LOT of construction.  The site was perfect, the ground was perfect, and the view was indescribable.  During all of the years I have been a part of TORCH I have never seen an owner of the home who was so thankful. She, literally, fell to her knees thanking God for the “angels” He sent.  Her response made me feel something I have not felt in a very VERY long time!!  It also taught me the importance of showing gratitude to others who help in any way!  God is so very good to all of us and we fail to show Him how grateful we truly are most of the time.  So, yes, I might not have wanted to build today, but I am more than grateful that God had another plan for me.

The second team went to the Hospital and Blind School.  They started out at the hospital and spent about 2 hours there.  They split up into two or three team and went to different wards in the hospital.  There they played with the kids, prayed with them, sang songs, read books, colored, played cards, and even signed casts.  Afterward they went to the Bodega to eat lunch and then walk over to the Blind school.  Little did they know the team that built were beast and completed the house in about 2 ½ hours and were able to join them.  I love the Blind School!!  There the team played with the kids and handed out a number of stuffed animals, balloons, Frisbees, and clothes.  After a while we went into a room with the children where they sang to us.  It was the most beautiful sound, a sound that will bring you to tears.  They sang about five songs and then an elderly man, who is also blind, played the piano for us.  Then we sang a few songs to them.  After spending about two hours at the Blind School we loaded the buses and came back up the hill.

Tonight we went to the Jesus Statue so I apologize for not being able to broadcast.  Having devo at the Jesus Statue is always special.  The Statue looks out over the city of Tegucigalpa.  There we sang, and had a lesson by Jeremy.  Tonight Jeremy talked to us about being the light of the world.  He discussed with us the importance of loving God more than anything.  I know sometimes we might say “Oh I love _________ more than anything.”  We really need to think about what we are saying, because God is who we should love more than anything.  It was a great lesson by Jeremy.  After devo we took TONS of pictures.  I’m asking around to get the photos so we can post them.  Our time is going by quickly here in Honduras, but we still have tons to do.  Please continue to pray for the teams.  We miss you all, but will see you soon.

God Bless

Brandy B

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