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Saturday, July 6

God, take control!!

Day Three!

So, just a clarification…yesterday I may or may not have posted that it was Day one, forgive me I apparently cannot count!! Now that is out of the way, shall we begin!!

Today was a fabulous day!!  We began this morning with breakfast between 7 and 8.  This morning we had pancakes and fruit.  Devo began at about 8, after breakfast.  Andrew Allgood led us in our thoughts. Andrew encouraged us to be a changing factor in life.  We all need to work on being a positive example, because let’s face it there is not a whole lot of positive in the world these days.  Andrew gave us the encouragement needed to have a blessed day.

After devo we divided into two construction teams.  Each team built a home in the Santa Rosa area.  For one team the build was fairly easy, but for the other it was not.  One of the teams had to attempt to bust up boulders in order to set the posts and begin the process.  We may not have moved the boulders, but there is a family with a beautiful home.  The team worked really well together to accomplish the task, but it is God who is to be glorified.  As the team was building, a few of the members took the children to an area to play with Frisbees, paint fingers, read books, and play some Honduran games. For those who may not know, when the gringos come to villages to build kids come out of the woodwork!  The site was not very large and extremely rocky, so to give more space we decided to take them to another location. Personally, this was my favorite part.  I have been coming to Honduras for 9 years, and playing with the children never gets old!!  I may or may not have fallen down, no worries I was not hurt at all, but I’m sure it was entertaining to watch.  Anyway, one of the little girls, maybe 2 years old, came running up and was so concerned about me.  After I stopped laughing hysterically, I got to my knees she started brushing the dust off my back.  It was so sweet and cute and awkward at the same time.  It is a memory that I will keep though!

Kennedy Cheatham wrote a little about the other build site:

WOW!! Today was amazing!  Our only option today was building houses…which I was not excited about.  My first experience build a house was not a good one, but this one was so different.  The weather was perfect, the site was perfect, and the team was perfect.  The teens from Western Hills Church of Christ raised funds for this house and so we all went to build it.  I am so glad that I put on my happy face with this project.  The look on the woman’s face that owned the home was priceless. Knowing that the family has a place to sleep tonight gives me so much peace.  I was definitely blessed today!!


I can share in Kennedy’s statement of being blessed today, and I’m confident in saying everyone can say the same.  There is nothing like praying with a family who has a new home.  Each family is also given a house-warming box.  In the box are a number of household items, from cooking pans, to sheets, to towels.  The boxes also contain a Bible for the family.  Today was a blessing from God, and I am thankful I was able to share in that blessing with the TORCH team and the local Hondurans.

After we had completed the builds, we came back to the mission house to clean up before dinner.  Tonight the staff at Villa Gracia treated us to an Amazing meal.  It was to thank us for coming to Honduras to help the people here.  The staff at Villa Gracia are a blessing to TORCH members, they take very good care of us and make sure we have plenty to eat, TRUST ME!!  Tonight we had rice, vegetables, and chicken.  It might not sound like much, but let me tell you, IT WAS A-MAZ-ING!!!!!  After dinner we had our devotional for the night.  The devotionals are streamed live each night if the Internet works!!  Tonight Jeremy discussed with us of letting God take control.  So many people have major difficulty letting go and letting God take control, because they want to be in control.  Working in the mental health field I see this daily.  When people feel like they do not have control several things can happen, but if we have faith in Jesus we will be ok.  Just let go and let God!!  I know easier said than done, but it is something to strive toward.  It is truly an amazing feeling when you let God take something that has been overwhelming.  Give it a try, I promise you will not be let down!!

Tomorrow we will have worship here at Villa Gracia and then go to Mi Esperanza.  As of now that is all I know we will be doing.  I do know there are plans being made, but I cannot tell you what those are so I guess you will just have to check in tomorrow night!!  We love and miss you all and are grateful knowing you all are praying for the work.  Please continue to pray for the team as well as the Hondurans.  Thanks you so much.

Brandy B

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