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Monday, June 30

Things are about to get interesting

Sunday was a great day.  After breakfast at the hotel the team climbed aboard the bus to make their final trip to Agua Agria for this trip.  Of course no trip is complete without a flat tire so we went ahead and got that over with before we left Choluteca.  The worship service at Agua was amazing.  Jeremy Myers preached his final lesson, and to Myers/Hines tradition, cried while presenting his lesson.  Jason Johnson delivered the lesson in Spanish, and was amazing.  I guess those 2 years of high school Spanish really paid off! After services the ladies and children presented the group with refreshments to say thank you for what we have done for the village and congregation there.

After a lunch stop the group stopped at a small, local zoo that is about 1/2 way in between Choluteca and Tegucigalpa.  It provided a nice break in the trip and the group got to see a variety of animals, reptiles, and snakes.  A stop at the fast food area on BLVD Morizan for dinner finished the trip and the team arrived at Villa Gracia about 7:00. We had orientation and devo in the cafeteria before issuing rooming assignments.  Wyeth's lesson was called "Giving your Poo."  He gave a wonderful story about one of his children giving Up his favorite Winnie the Poo stuffed animal to be given away on the Honduras trip a few years ago.  After everyone found their rooms we settled in for the night.

This morning we met in the cafeteria for breakfast and then went to the chapel for morning devotional.  Jason Johnson was the speaker.  His lesson centered around the little boy who had the 5 loafs and 2 fish that Jesus used to feed the multitude.  His main point was to say that we should be willing to give what we have, not expect recognition, and let Jesus and God get the glory.

We divided into 3 teams today.  A team of hearty volunteers went to Santa Ana to work concrete and block at Casa de Esperanza.  Several teams have been out there to assist in building the new security wall around the property.  Team number 2 went to Hospital Esquela to visit and minister and then went to the colony of Diamonte to work on the new church propery.  Teams have been going out clearing the 10 acres of land and gather stones that will be used to build a perimeter wall around the land.  Team number 3 went to the warehouse to organize supplies and put together over 100 gift bags that will be given out at the hospital later in the week.

Tomorrow our second team, 60 strong, arrives.  Team number 1 will be out building z2 houses and a small team of us will go the airport to facilitate their arrival.  This will bring our team number to 102 and will remain that way until July 4th when team number 1 goes back to the States.  Things could not be more exciting and we are continued to be amazed and the things we see and do here.

Blogging responsibilities will be given over to Brandy Barnett and assistants soon so hopefully the blog will be updated more frequently and will have more information on it! Continue to pray for us as we pray for you, blessings from Honduras!!!


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