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Friday, June 27

Greetings from Choluteca!

The past 4 days has been a blur. To say we hit the ground running is an understatement.  Everyone arrived safe and sound in Tegucigalpa Tuesday. Flights were on time and luggage was loaded to the box truck fast and effeciantly, smooth as silk. Carlos had our bank ready for us and money was exchanged on the bus while everyone enjoyed sack lunches prepared by the advance team. We left the airport around 1:30 and things we're going so well it was a given something would happen. Just outside Tegucigalpa the fan belt broke on our bus. An hour later we were on another bus and on our way. We made the drive in just over 3 hours!!!  After dinner we spent 2 1/2 hours separating and breaking down meds for the clinic, making it a late night for a weary team.

Wednesday morning we had an early breakfast at the hotel, loaded the meds and supplies onto the truck and headed out to Agua Agria. The rookies really enjoyed the ride out as we bounced along the dirt road, showing a lot of wear and tear as rainy season continues. The clinic was held at the church building this year and the staging areas were ready for us when we arrived. The clinic ran like clockwork and we saw 150 patients. While the clinic was going others worked around the building cleaning and picking up trash in the community. Others went to play soccer with the boys. Diane Adams' ladies Bible class had 28 in attendance and the VBS team had dozens of kids. The afternoon was capped off with the first of 5 lessons presented by Jeremy Myers. On the way home we stopped at Pizza Hut for dinner and then had our evening devo led by Wyeth Wright. His theme focuses in on "where did you see God's fingureprints today?

Thursday was round 2 of the medical clinic. Once again the stations worked great and we saw 190 patients, making the 2 day total 340.  I caanot say enough good things about those who worked in the clinic this year, they did an amazing job! Also on Thursday the construction teams got busy. One team worked on the new classroom being added at the church building. This classroom wi be an open air classroom that can be used for many different things.  The other construction team worked on repairing the playground at the school. The ladies Bicle class was maxed out as Diane and the assistants washed the feet of the women. The VBS team had another big crowd and the church building was full for Jeremy's second lesson. Another great devo wrapped up the evening.

Today the team returned to the church building to conduct a clothing/shoe distribution and food give away. Construction team will finish the classroom and will put in the concrete foot and will also install ceiling fans in the church building!!!  Yes, Agua Agria has electricity!!!! It is so exciting to know how much the village will be blessed now with power. We enjoyed having electric lights and box fans while working the clinic. The addition of electricity will allow for a PA system, evening services, and numerous other benefits.

I hope to post again soon, keep us in your prayers as we continue to work in Honduras.  Dios te bendiga!!!!


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