Our Mission Statement

Monday, June 23

And so it begins

To make things interesting, and because plans look so good on paper, I decided to go to my family reunion before beginning my mission trip this summer. How hard could it possibly be? Well, since Thursday, I have flown from Tampa to Houston, on to Sacramento, then to San Francisco, back to Houston on a midnight flight, and now am awaiting my flight to Tegucigalpa.  Very little sleep and 5,000 miles, and I am not even in Honduras yet!  And,so it begins.

7 people make up the AT (Advance Team), heading into Tegucigalpa a couple days ahead of time to prep the supplies and get things ready for team number one's arrival on Tuesday.  Our objective is fairly clear.  We will re-organize our supplies in the warehouse from last year and pull supplies that will be taken to Choluteca on Tuesday.  We will also buy last minute medicines that we will need for the clinic at Agua Agria,  along with food to make lunches for the team when they arrive.  Oh, and also watch the USA vs Portugal soccer match!

So, hopefully today, I will meet up with Mark Connell, rent a truck (or van), go to the Mission House, go to the warehouse, attend worship services, and eventually go to bed and get smoke sleep, something I long for right now.  How many times do you look forward to getting to Honduras so that you can get some rest?????  And so it begins.

Monday I will. Meet up with Dr. Jorge Ponce to go to some laboratories to buy our medicines and meet up with Gina Laurios to receive the medicines and supplies that Dr. Gayle Davidson ordered for us.  Then it is off to photocopy the Spanish coloring book and to go to Baxter Institute to see Timeteo Estrada to go over plans for Agua Agria.  I even hope to make a run out to Tamera to Didasko to see Jorge and Rosa Casillo.  And so it begins.

Team one is fired up and ready to go.  Team two is on deck, waiting in the wings, finishing up their collections and last minute fund raising,  all systems go, we are ready to rock and roll.  Torch Missions 2014 is in full swing, several teams have already hit the ground ahead of us.  Let's do this, we have been planning all year for this moment.  To God be the glory, may we be a true blessing to those we come in contact with and may we grow in our relationship with God in the process.  And so it begins!!!


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