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Wednesday, June 11

Less than 2 weeks before we are in Honduras!

The whirlwind of the past few weeks has come to an end and for students and teachers across the land, school is out!  Summer vacation has begun and so has all of the events that take place during the summer months.  Families are taking vacations, Bible camps are in full swing, and short term mission teams have hit the ground.  It is exciting to say the least, and for those of use actively involved in this summer's mission trips it can't come quickly enough!  We have been plotting and planning, emailing and texting, scanning, photocopying, faxing and mailing information, forms, payments, deposits, and more all over the place.  And now, after all of the planning and praying, we are less than 2 weeks away from getting our feet on the ground.  Ready or not (hopefully ready!) here we go!

Our first Honduras team arrives in Tegucigalpa on Sunday, June 22.  7 make up the Advance Team.  Our objective is to storm the warehouse, reorganize our supplies left from last year, organize, count, and prep them to be ready to go when Hondo Team #1 arrives on Tuesday, June 24th.  Once everyone is off the planes, passed through Customs, and claimed luggage (the most anticipated part of the trip) we will eat lunch, load the buses and head directly to the Pacific Coast and the city of Choluteca.  This has been our routine for the past 3-4 years and it has proven to be an excellent way to begin our trip.  Hotel Gualiqueme will be our home away from home for 5 nights as we work in Agua Agria.

Plans for Agua Agria will include a 5 day gospel meeting, 5 day VBS, 4 day ladies class, 3 day distribution at the local school (shoes, clothes, food, etc), 3 day medical clinic, and construction.  Jeremy Myers, from Cave City, Arkansas, will be our speaker for the meeting.  His team also prepared the VBS materials we will be using, not only during team #1, but for Team #2 and the Costa Rica teams as well.  The last section of the playground will be completed at the school along with work on a new classroom for the school.  Our team will also be building another classroom at the church property.  The team will return to Tegucigalpa on Sunday evening, June 29th, and will spend the last part of their trip at Villa Gracia, AKA the Mission House.  Wyeth Wright, from Monroe, Louisiana, will be our keynote speaker for the evening devotionals.  The work in Tegucigalpa will include building several houses, visiting the hospital, the Blind School, and Didasko Orphanage.

Hondo Team #2 arrives on Tuesday, July 1st.  For 3 days Team #1 and Team #2 will overlap (on purpose of course!).  I planned this overlap so that the members of the 2 teams would be able to see and work with each other for a couple of days.  It is always hard when a mega team finally has to split, and this (hopefully) will be a good way to bring everyone together for a couple of days.  During this time we will have a combined force of 100 workers and I feel quite sure the singing during our nightly devotionals will be outstanding!

Team #2 will be staying at Villa Gracia for the duration of their trip.  Team #2 will be building several houses, participating in 2 major food distributions, work at the feeding center in Mololoa, visit Hospital Esquela, and will also visit the Blind School, the Special Needs Orphanage, and Didasko.  Other work will include a small medical clinic at Didsako for the the children there, the school children, and the staff.  Repairs to the playground will take place and the last slide will be installed.  Eric Gray, from Mobile, Alabama, will be the keynote speaker for the evening devotionals for Team #2. 

The 2 Hondo teams have plans to build 12-14 houses, conduct 3 food distributions, provide food to stock up the shelves at Didasko, complete the 2 playgrounds we have been working on for the past few years, give away a ton of clothes and shoes, conduct 4 days of medical clinics, and make numerous visits to different orphanages and children's homes.  Along with service projects, VBS, gospel meetings, Bible classes, and door knocking, we plan on doing a lot of work for the Kingdom during the next several weeks. 

We ask for your continued prayers while we are gone, ask for the Lord to bless our work and to keep us safe.  As always, we will have bloggers writing daily updates for you on this site.  So stay tunes, check in often, and stay in touch!  We also plan to broadcast our devos when we are at the Mission House. 

Out theme this year is "OBEDIENT."   We plan to do just that, and our lessons and everything we do will center and focus on this simple, but very powerful word.  More to come, especially updates on the work we will be doing in Costa Rica July 11-20.  Did I mention how much I love summer? 

Terry Reeves 

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