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Saturday, June 28

Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood

Friday morning I left the hotel at 4:00 in the morning to carry Bobby and Asha to Tegucigalpa to catch their flight back to Tampa.  I left the team in the highly responsible hands of Steve Johnson along with a multitude of others to carry out Friday's projects.  It is amazing how fast you can get from Choluteca to Tegucigalpa at that time in the morning! (It is also mazing how many potholes you can hit too)  We were so early I took time to give a deluxe tour along the way.  We stopped in Santa Ana to take a quick look at Casa de Esperanza and drove to Baxter Institute to see the campus.  While at Baxter I ran into Keith Boyer and his group from Tampa.  They were heading out the door to go build a church building close to the public dump where many teams go to minister those who live in the poorest conditions in Honduras.  We even stopped for breakfast at Burger King and still got to the airport at 8:30!  I stayed in Tegucigalpa for the day because Tyler and Katherine Steffy were supposed to arrive on Saturday {however, they were delayed and missed their connection and will now arrive Sunday}.

The team went to Agua Agria once again Friday.  This time the projects included finishing the outdoor classroom at the church building and a major clothing/shoe distribution to the community along with food bags for the families.  According to my reports over 600 people received clothes and shoes and about 150 families received food bags.  That accounts for almost everyone who lives in Agua!  Once again the people of Agua Agria have been blessed with medical clinics, medicines, food, clothes, and shoes.  And much more importantly, God's love has been shown to the entire community.  And the money given to the school to build a new classroom will be finished soon and the school will be able to offer additional classes for the children who live there.

Today, {Saturday}, the team took a trip up into the mountains to go visit Mission Lazarus and see the work that is going on in San Marco.  At 6:20 pm, the time of this posting, they are not back to the hotel so I cannot update you on their adventures today.  Hopefully I will be able to update the blog again Sunday night to fill you all in on the continuing adventures of the Torch Missions team in Honduras.

Keep us in your prayers because we will be traveling Sunday.  After Sunday morning worship with the brothers and sisters at Agua Agria, the team will travel back to Tegucigalpa and will check in to Villa Graca, AKA the Mission House.  I believe a stop at the zoo near Santa Ana is also in the plans.  We will be leaving the steamy sauna of Choluteca for the cooler temperatures of the mountains and the daily rains they are receiving.  Pretty sure most are looking forward to the change of climate!  Many projects await us there.  Until later, take care and God bless, our love goes out to everyone!


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