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Saturday, June 25

Pura Vida from Costa Rica

The 2016 trips have started!!! We have been on the ground in Costa Rica for 6 days and the blogging has begin.  In the next few hours we will be downloading the daily blogs that have been written and photos of what we have been doing in San Jose.

Our team of 23 have been very busy and we have a lot to tell!!!  The team this year comes from Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, Louisiana, and Florida.  13 of us are veterans of Costa Rica trips and 7 are here for the first time.  We have 5 teens, 9 school teachers, a youth minister and a couple of people that are even retired.

We arrived this past Monday, the 20th, and are staying in San Jose working with the Purral church of Christ. We are staying at the Best Western Hotel in San Jose and we are using our long time friend Jose Porras to drive us to the work sites.  We are safe and sound and having a great time working with the church here.

Stay tuned as we update you on the wonderful works going on down here in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.  Pura Vida mi amigos!!!!

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