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Saturday, June 25

Can I have that word in a sentence please.....

Costa Rica, June 24th: What a day!!!  Really early rise and shine today!  We were up and out the door at 7:00 this morning because today we have a very special activity planned. Today we had the unique opportunity to help with a National English Contest at the district level at the school we have been working with this week. Several of us were judges for the different categories: spelling bee, impromptu speech, conversation speech, and prepared speech. Several of the teachers in our group worked in the different areas and were the official judges.  There were three judges for each category.  (Terry Reeves was a judge for high school spelling... let that one set in for a moment!) The school allowed us to sing church songs before an assembly of around 300 parents, students, and teachers. We were even allowed to invite people to the church. They served us a really good breakfast and lunch. It was a wonderful ceremony with the presenting of the Costa Rica flag, singing of the national anthem, and watching skits from different age groups. After lunch we prayed with the principle and directors.
There were several schools represented at the event and 3 or 4 schools asked us if we could do VBS at their schools next year! Looks like next year's mission trip is already on the planning board!
In the afternoon, we had classes for the men and women, dinner, and the the Gospel Meeting and VBS. Everyone is doing a great job and we are the busiest as we have ever been working in CR.  This was a great experience and a huge PR opportunity for the church and Torch today.   
The best part of the whole day? When the principal of the school came to the Gospel Meeting!!!!! She is a wonderful woman.  She, along with 2 others, responded to the invitation asking for prayers.  Great trip so far!

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