Our Mission Statement

Saturday, June 25

And so it begins...

We're here!!!  The groups arrived in waves today starting at 11:20 until 11:20 tonight.  We ate at the food court at a local mall and then headed to the hotel to check in.  Dinner was at Denny's and we had a short group meeting in the lobby before heading to bed.  

Costa Rica, June 21st: We did VBS prep today at the hotel. We translated lessons and scripts and made copies of skits and then traveled over to the church building. We ate lunch and dinner and fellowshipped with the Purral church, and had a devotional and singing.  Byron, the new preacher at Purral, gave the talk and Terry Reeves led the singing. Tomorrow morning we have the opportunity to go into a school to do a VBS and in the evening another VBS at the church and Gospel meeting. We got back to the hotel about 8:00 and the group began the daily tradition of hanging out in the lobby, eating at Denny's, and drinking lots of coffee and Fresca.  Yes, it is going to be a great trip!

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