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Thursday, May 31

This World is Not My Home

We are thankful to announce another baptism took place today! We were all happy to welcome our new sister in Christ, Katherine! She is the twin sister of Kimberly who has been a member of the church at Buenos Aires. They both have been a joy to be around this week and Katherine has 2 beautiful children Ian and Kiara who will now be growing up in the Lord! Many prayers have been answered today.

It has been a more laid back day. The VBS crew had to throw together some skits last minute since our appointment at the school changed from the afternoon to the morning, but thankfully we were able to use most of our previous skits. Considering our unprepared state, things could not have gone better. The kids laughed and enjoyed everything we did and hopefully learned a lot along the way.

The medical team spent the day at the hotel sorting the leftover medicine so it could be donated to the local pharmacy and put to good use. Some of them took a break to take an excursion to downtown Buenos Aires where they ran into the Red Cross in the park. A few of the nurses were asked to participate in an egg race (racing each other with eggs on spoons in their mouth). I know they got quite a laugh out of it and some pictures as well! One of our nurses, Jennifer Staggs, celebrated her birthday today and was one of the lucky nurses who won the egg race!

Cristian delivered an amazing lesson to wrap up our gospel meeting this week. His topic was Living a Life of Hope and he used the scripture in John 14:1-6. We have hope through Jesus Christ. We have hope because 1) God loves us 2) This world is not our home 3) Christ left but He will come back 4) God has given us the necessities to get back to our Father's house. Christ is preparing a place for us. The question you must ask is: Are you preparing yourself to go with Christ?

Tonight was one of mixed emotions. We were happy to have had another great day working for the Lord, but we were also sad to have to say goodbye to our brothers and sisters here in Buenos Aires. After spending a week together and really begin to feel comfortable here with everyone, it's time to leave. As a treat to the ladies who have been cooking for us this week, we all went out for pizza this evening with the members of the church--Our treat. It was a good time for all of us to eat and spend some time saying goodbye. But along with many of the "goodbyes" were "see you laters". I was one of those who told everyone I hoped to see them next year on the trip. It's already hard to say goodbye, but it's even harder if you think you may never see them again. I am thankful for Cristian's lesson tonight though because he reminded us that this world is not our home. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we will see each other again very soon in our home in heaven if we do not have the opportunity to meet again on earth. I'm reminded of the hymn "If We Never Meet Again" which says "if we never meet again this side of heaven, I will meet you on that beautiful shore." I pray that we are all reunited one day in heaven with our brothers and sisters here in Costa Rica.

My goal is to gather pictures from everyone this weekend so I hope to post some of everything that has been done starting tomorrow! I know everyone is eager to actually see what work has been done! We are leaving before the sun comes up tomorrow...5 AM!!! So I currently have about 4 hours to sleep...and a long journey ahead of us tomorrow. It's "supposed" to be about an 8 hour trip to the volcano, and we're all hoping it won't be longer! Prayers for safe travel will be greatly appreciated and I will be back tomorrow night to let ya'll know we made it safe!

God is good all the time. All the time God is good.


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