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Friday, June 1

It's a Long Windy Road

It's been a long day...our journey began a little after 5 this morning. Unfortunately, not long after we were making our way up the mountain one of the buses broke down. Those of us on that bus packed into the other two buses and continued our trip up and stopped to eat breakfast. There we took our time eating and waited for the new bus to make it's way up to where we were. Finally, about 11 we were all good to go.  Our day which began picture perfect, turned into a mix of clouds and torrential rainstorms. Thankfully, we arrived at Los Lagos, our hotel by the Arenal Volcano, ten minutes before we were hoping to! The buffet was ready for us when we got here so after we checked in and received our wristbands for the weekend, we sat down to eat. Then, devo and announcements followed, and we are currently unloading luggage from all of the buses so everyone can get to their rooms and go to bed. Exhaustion has really set in for a lot of us...and because of that, what happens on the bus, stays on the bus...or at least I hope so. A relaxing day is ahead of us at the Baldi Hot Springs tomorrow and I know we are all looking forward to it. Glad to have made it safely to our destination. Thankful that God had His hand in all that happened today and kept us safe.

God is good all the time. All the time God is good.


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