Our Mission Statement

Sunday, May 27

Live a Life Worthy of the Calling

God has called us all to do great things. Whether they be to venture to a foreign country to spread His Word or ministering in our own towns, it is up to us to follow Him. He does not except our excuses. He created us so He knows who we are and how much potential we have. Who are we to say "No" to God, when He knows what good we are capable of, if only we give Him control. When God leads us toward opportunities throughout our lives, we are to respond as Isaiah did in Isaiah 6:8, "Here am I, send me!" Trust in Him because He knows our abilities better than we do. We are not to fear for the Lord will lead us in the way He has planned. I think it's safe to say that all of us here in Buenos Aires were called to be here. We heard about the trip through various people and God made it possible for us to be here because we put our trust in Him and His plans.

Our first full day in Costa Rica has been a great one! The morning began with our first trip to the church building for breakfast and then Sunday morning Bible study followed. Garrett Best presented a great study on the book of Ephesians which he translated part of himself. After singing both songs in English and in Spanish, Daniel Chavez preached an excellent lesson--which I summarized in the opening paragraph. This was an uplifting service which prepared all of our hearts and minds to be the servants God has called us to be. This afternoon we split our team into 3 groups. One was our medical group, which went back to the hotel after lunch and spent their time organizing and preparing medicine to be given out as prescriptions later this week. The next group was the VBS team who established parts in the various skits they will be performing. Then, they practiced their performance since they will begin tomorrow morning with around 250 children at the first school. Our last, but certainly not least, team was sent door-knocking throughout the city. Everyone was split up into small groups with a translator, and went from door to door delivering flyers advertising the gospel meeting and encouraging everyone they spoke with to attend. The goal for the week is to knock on every door in the city, so there will be groups out spreading the word every day. 

Eduardo Rodriguez was our speaker for the gospel meeting this evening. He is the preacher at the Coronado congregation here in Costa Rica. His lesson pricked the hearts of many tonight, and two people came forward and are interested in studying more of God's Word. God is good!! 

Thad Butts concluded our thoughts tonight with a devotional centered around 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. We are to be joyful always, pray without ceasing and give thanks in all circumstances! We are working to uplift this congregation and bring more souls to Christ, and in the process are building up our own fires for God which I hope we all take back home and continue to feed. 

To be in a place where my sole focus is all about God and spreading His word through my actions, without having to worry about my hectic life back home is such a blessing! Praying for another successful day at work tomorrow! Some big things will be happening very soon and it's all in God's hands from here! Please be praying that we all ARISE to God's call for us this week and for the safety of everyone here. 

God bless---Leah

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