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Wednesday, May 16

loading up

This morning the container going to Honduras is being loaded.  Little Joe and his dad Steve traveled with me with a trailer full of supplies to Islamorada Key.  We arrived Monday afternoon after a 46 hour ordeal of breakdowns and rescues.  Thank you Brett and Judy Mitchell for being the heroes of the day by providing a vehicle for us to use to get down here!  We are staying at Ken and Sandi's house and we have had a great time visiting and talking about the trip this summer.  Steve Schneider, from Mobile, is doing an all night drive and should be arriving within the hour to deliver his supplies to go on the container.  All in all we have collected nearly 500 boxes of supplies for the two teams from clothes to playground equipment.

We will leave here to travel to Sarasota to see Nate and Karen and the Florida gang.  We will be picking up the Torch tee shirts there too.  It will be the first look at the shirts and i am excited to get them.  When I get back to Henderson I will finish the last couple of pages of the journal and get it printed.  Journals and tee shirts will be in the mail very soon.

Tuesday Little Joe and Garrett Best will come to Freed-Hardeman to sort and pack the medicines that will be going down to Costa Rica.  Once that is done all of the major things will be done for the trip.  We are now just days away from departure and the excitement is building as I am receiving multiple emails everyday asking last minute questions.  And, believe it or not, we are still waiting on paper work from some of the team members.  And flight information.  Yep, procrastination is alive and well in Torch land.

Time to go.  The truck should be arriving within the hour and we have a lot to do before it gets here.  Take care and I will post more information soon!


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