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Sunday, April 29

Medicine and supply updates

We have a new total for the medicine donations: $8,890.00!!!  We are now only $1,110.00 away from the $10,000.00 needed for the medicines.  The additional $4,000.00 is for the Bibles and I don't have a total yet on the money that has come in for that yet.  I am very excited that we are so close to our goal and I hope that additional people will consider giving to help us reach our target goal. 

Supplies are being collected like crazy for all of our teams.  The Costa Rica team has gathered a lot of over the counter meds and hygiene supplies for the medical brigade we will be doing down there.  The 4 day clinic will be held on 2 different Indian Reservations and project to see over 1,000 patients during those days.  Since we are carrying our supplies down in suitcases it won't be long before we start figuring out who will be carrying what as far as the extra luggage is concerned.  Just like the good ol' days before we started shipping containers to Honduras!

The Honduras teams are also busy at work.  Steve Johnson and the Bell  Shoals team collected and boxed 80 boxes of supplies and have already delivered them to Ken Haab down in Islamorada Key where the container is going to be loaded.  Ken's group from Island Christan has collected and boxed 64 boxes so far and have more coming in.  Jenny Lovell's team from Nashville is packing their supplies to day and will give me her total tonight.  We have plans on packing the supplies here at F-HU sometime within the next week or so... and we have a lot.  Katie Wells (Memphis) and Sarah Hinson (Centerville) have already brought supplies over.  

The T-shirt design is done and shirts are being ordered tonight.  I am about 1/2 done with the journal and should have it done by Friday and take it to the printer this coming weekend.  

Just a few reminders:
1. Please send me flight information when you get it... still waiting on SEVERAL!
2. STILL WAITING on some some paper work... you know who you are... I am about to send Margaret out after you!
3. Costa Rica final payments are due in about a week.  
4. The supplies from here going to Florida for the container is rolling out on Saturday, May 12th.  If you have anything that is supposed to go down there get it to me ASAP.  Otherwise I hope it fits in your suitcase!!!

More to come.  Thanks everyone for the hard work.  ARISE!


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