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Tuesday, April 17

67,000 mph!

I walked out of my graduate bible class this afternoon with the last comments seared into my brain, "2 weeks of class meetings and then finals." WHAT??? 3 weeks until school is done? A quick look at my day timer and I confirmed the obvious. It really is Tuesday, April 17th. The earth is traveling at nearly 67,000 miles per hour around the sun... and I can feel every spit second of it right now! Man, time is flying!!!

So, let me get some dates in place to make sure everyone is aware of the time and the schedule and the details of what is going on for our trips this summer:

Monday, May 7th: Final payment due for all those going on the Costa Rica trip. This is also the deadline for all paperwork to be turned in (applications, notarized rules sheets; notarized Spanish release forms (Anyone under 18), photocopy of passport, 2 photos).
Friday, May 11th: All supplies being trucked to Florida from Tennessee for the Honduras container must be boxed, labeled, inventoried, and in Henderson.
Monday, May 14th: Steve Kemp and I begin the insane drive from Henderson to Florida Keys!
Tuesday, May 14th: All supplies going to Honduras should be At Islamorada, Florida Keys
Wednesday, May 16th: Container for Honduras loaded in Islamorada and sent to Port Everglades to be sent to Porta cortez, Honduras.
Monday, May 21st: All flight information for Costa Rica must be sent to me for arrival plans to be made and ironed out.
Saturday, May 26th - Monday, June 4th: Costa Rica Mission Trip
Thursday, June 7th: Final payment for Honduras mission trips due. Also, all paper work for both mission teams due (applications, notarized rules sheet, notarized Spanish release form (everyone under 18), photocopy of passport, 2 photos)
Monday, June 18th: All flight information must be sent to me for arrival plans.
Tuesday, June 26th: Advance team / Interns arrive in Tegucigalpa
Thursday, June 28th: Honduras team #1 arrives and departs for Catacamas.
Sunday, July 1st: Team #1 returns to Tegucigalpa to work
Saturday, July 7th: Team #1 departs to go home to the States; Honduras team #2 arrives and departs for Choluteca.
Wednesday, July 11th: Team #2 returns to Tegucigalpa.
Monday, July 16th: Team #2 departs to go back to the States; Intern retreat begins
Thursday, July 19th: Interns return back to the States.

For those collecting supplies for the Costa Rica trip, I will have more specific information for you about how we are going to get everything down very soon. Keep collecting the supplies that I sent you!!! I should be ordering the medicines for the medical team later this week! Dr. Schwartz and I have already gone over the list of medicines and he is in the process of putting together another order that is going to Nicaragua and once he has that completed he will order our medicines. I am still waiting for confirmation letters from the Minister of Health concerning our clinics that are scheduled... hoping to get that email sometime this week.

T-shirts will be ordered in the next week or so... as soon as I get the artwork done. Journals will be printed in about 2 weeks. Once all of that is done it will just be a matter of getting shirts and journals to all of the group leaders and individuals before we leave for the trips.

It is going to be a busy time for all of us as we get closer and closer to the trip. Please contact me if you have any questions at all... now is the time to ask. God bless you all as we get ready for an amazing summer. Can't wait to see and work with you all! Arise!


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