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Thursday, June 22

Poop and stuff

Good day to you all!  Our group has had an awesome day today.  If you are reading this then you are probably thinking "Poop and Stuff, What??"  Well you only thought you were going to get a gross story, but really you are going to read about serving the people in Sarchi, Costa Rica in the name of Jesus. 

So, a little introduction.  My name is Brandy Barnett and for the next 20ish days, I will be sharing about the work that will be done in Costa Rica and Honduras all to the Glory of our Father!  Our group leader is the one and only Terry Reeves and we have 32 people currently on the ground in Sarchi, Costa Rica.  Over the next week the group will be involved in a number of ministries that will assist in spreading the Good News of Jesus.

Today  was our first work day in Sarchi.  We woke and had breakfast at around 7 this morning.  We had eggs, toast, fruit and cereal.  After breakfast, we had a devotional lead by Terry Reeves.  Our theme this year is GO! from Mark 15:15.  As Christians we are commanded to go into ALL the world to share Jesus with every person.  God gives us opportunities daily to share his Word whether it be with your neighbor or with people in a foreign country.  Our group has been given a beautiful opportunity to share Jesus. 

There are many,  many ways to share the Word. Some may not seem "fun", but if you have a good attitude then it can be fun.  Today our group was given the opportunity to help the town of Sarchi with some much needed cleaning.  It may have not been glamorous, but it needed to be done.  The group worked really hard and we go to see and work in God's beauty.  The view was something that cannot be described by words and pictures will not do it justice.  Everyone worked hard and was very positive.  Like I said, it wasn't glamorous, but the attitudes of everyone was so encouraging.  Everyone worked hard and did what the was asked of them. 

As of now, the group is cleaning up and getting ready for dinner.  Being at the camp this year is awesome!!  There is a place to play soccer, or basketball and several trails to walk on the campus.  Its probably the most beautiful place to be.  I do not believe I will be able to post pictures, however, I will be posting some to facebook and I will send some to be put on the Torch insta gram.  I will do my best to post every night, but sometimes internet is sketchy especially in Honduras but Costa Rica there should be no problems. 

Please send prayers for the work over the next week for the group and for those that we will be working with.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at brandyb06@gmail.com.

Love you guys

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