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Sunday, June 25

Coffee, trails, and fun

Good morning to you all!!  I hope everyone who reads this is having a beautiful and wonderful day.  I will be cover the past two days and the plans for today in this entry.

June 23, 2017
Friday the group went out into the Sarchi community to work with firemen, police men and environmental Government officials.  Our group splint into 2 teams.  One team went to a coffee plantation to help with cleanup, while the other team went to a community park to clean and paint the playground. 

Group one arrived at the plantation around 8:30am.  We unloaded the bus and met the Bomberos (firemen) and our leader (Carla) to receive our instructions.  From there we split into two teams one team went one way the other went the opposite way.  We spent the day cleaning and joking with each other and our new friends from the police and fire departments.  They showed us different fruits and explained when the coffee beans were ready to be picked.  We even had an opportunity to be part of  Costa Rican news interview.  Basically we were the background, but hey we were on TV.  After we were finished we met up with the other group and had lunch at the coffee plantation.

Group two dropped group one off and headed to the park to begin work there.  They spent the day clearing vines of a fence and painting the equipment.  The group reports they had a great time enjoying each others company and working to help the people in Honduras.  When they were finished they met up with the group at the coffee plantation for lunch.

When we finished eating and cleaned up, the Bomberos (firemen) showed us their equipment and showed how to use the hose.  Many of the team members were able to operate hose with the assistance of one of the firemen.  Everyone enjoyed watching and participating in the activity.  After the fun we were given a tour of the coffee plantation and the process the beans go through before they are sold and shipped all over the world.  When the tour was over we loaded the bus and headed back to camp. 

At camp we all cleaned up, played soccer, or just relaxed until dinner.  For dinner we had tostados, which were amazing!!!!  After dinner we had a camp fire devo.  Cary Hadley provided us with our lesson.  After the lesson we roasted marshmallows, that were the size of your face, and mini sausages.  We also received instruction on what we would need to do for the following day. We were all in bed as close to 10pm as possible.

June 24
Yesterday was a travel/fun day for the group.  We loaded the bus at 4:30 am and made our way to the Pacific Coast.  Our group member did a number of adventures from zip lining, rafting, kayaking, horse rides, and trail walks.  We spent the day enjoying God's beautiful work in Costa Rica.  We saw monkeys and sloths and many birds, and lizards.  We all had a blast and enjoyed our time with one another.  We arrived back at camp around 10pm. We all went straight to bed.

Today the plan is worship with the local congregation in Sarchi have lunch with our brothers and sisters.   Afterward, we will come back and have VBS prep and prepare for the seminar, lady's class, etc. 

Monday we will start the seminar, VBS, Lady's class etc.

Thank you all for your prayers!!  Please continue to send prayers for safe travels for those traveling today to the camp.

Love you guys
Brandy Barnett

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