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Tuesday, June 27


Good morning everyone!!  Man what a busy two days we have had!!  This entry will cover Sunday June 25, 2017 and Monday June 26, 2017.


Sunday was a day of worship.  Our group was able to sleep in until around 8:30 am.  At this time we met at the mess hall for breakfast.  We had a lite breakfast, toast, cereal, and fruit.  After breakfast we made two trips to the Church.  We arrived around 10 am and worshiped with the Sarchi Church of Christ.  Jon Hackett led the teenage class, Angie Adams prepared a lesson for the children, and Cary Hadley had the lesson.  After the lesson we had a meal with our brothers and sisters in Sarchi. When everyone had finished we loaded the bus to head back to camp.  Sunday after our team sorted through VBS materials and began preparing for four days of VBS at the local schools.  Jon Hackett and Diane Adams and a few other women prepared for the Seminar that will be held for the brothers and sisters of Costa Rica as well.  At around 5pm, we loaded the bus and went to the mall for a dinner.  We spent about an hour at the mall enjoying our meals and fellowship with one another.  A few of us did sneak away to the local grocery store to purchase a cake for the Behle sisters to celebrate their birthdays.  Beth Baily had a birthday Sunday and April had a birthday last Friday.  Then we headed back the camp to meet our new guest who had arrived  for the seminar.  We spent the evening meeting our brothers and sister in Costa Rica and worshiped together that evening.  We all went to bed around 9pm.


Monday morning we woke and had breakfast at 7am.  After breakfast we had devo led by Thad Butts.  After devo we gathered supplies and prepared to leave for the local school to conduct VBS.  When we arrived at the school, we received instruction from the principle on where our classes would be.  We would have a drama class,  arts and crafts, lesson, and activity.  We all met in  the auditorium for singing and instruction.  We had four rotations of kids in the morning.  The students learned about the story of David  and Goliath.  The morning groups we well behaved and listened very well. After the four rotations we loaded and came back to the camp for lunch.  After lunch we loaded and went back to the school for our afternoon group.  We tweaked the rotations a bit having a lesson class, arts and crafts class, activity class, and snacks.  The drama team did one skit during the meeting in the auditorium after singing.  When the meeting was over, the classes were divided into four groups to rotate through the classes.  This worked much better than the morning!  I would say we had approximately 250-300 students.

While the VBS team was working with the school, the brothers and sisters of Costa Rica were at the camp  participating in a seminar conducted  by Jon Hackett and a lady's class conducted by Diane Adams.  There are about 30-40 Costa Rican brothers and sisters here participating in the seminar. 
At around 6 pm we all came together to fellowship with one another and hear about each others day.  We had dinner around 7 pm and devo after. 

Today we will have a similar schedule.  I will attempt to post again tonight.  We have a media day, it is difficult to post due to internet power.  Several of the group have posted pictures on Facebook and Jon Hackett is trying to do Facebook live for devos.  Every thing  has been going well and we appreciate all your prayers.  Please continue to pray for the work and everyone traveling.  WE love you guys!!

Brandy Barnett

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