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Wednesday, July 1

So I want to apologize for slacking on the post.  Last night, June 30, we got back really late because we went out to Baxter for some people to play soccer.  So this will cover the past two days.

Yesterday we had French toast, cereal and fruit for breakfast.  After breakfast we met for devo, led by Colby.  After devo we loaded the buses for the day.  We had a construction crew, hospital/food delivery to special needs orphanage/medical team/Gatorade blitz crew, and a crew that went to Didasko to work on the play ground and paint some rooms.

The construction crew had an awesome build.  We had to climb a mountain to get to it, but the view was well worth it.  We were a bit nervous at first because we thought we were going to hit a lot of rock, but thankfully that did not happen.  The house went up with no problem and the Lord blessed us with some amazing views.

While the construction team was building the Didasko team worked hard to complete some much needed work at the orphanage.  They were also able to play with the kids once they had finished school.  While they were painting there was a team at the mission house that was breaking down medicines to prepare the next two days of medical clinics.  This team also delivered food and other supplies to the special needs orphanage.  Once they had completed the work they made their way down the mountain to do a Gatorade blitz.  Once they had purchased as many Gatorade as possible, they drove around the city delivering them to the street workers.  Afterward, they came to the construction sight to pick that team up to take them back to the mission house.

At the mission house we had dinner and man was it good.  After we ate, many of us loaded the bus to go to baxter for soccer.  We had a lot of fun watching/playing soccer.  After a couple hours, we loaded the busses to return to the mission house and go straight to bed.

July 1

Today started like all others with breakfast.  We had beans, eggs, and toast this morning.  After breakfast we met for devo led by Bod.  After devo, we got our things together and headed out.  Today we had a construction team, paint crew, medical team, and Didasko repair team.  The construction team built a home out in Mololoa today.  They had a nice walk to get to the sight, but once their the house went up quickly.  The paint team went to Diamante to begin painting the classrooms that have built.  The medical team conducted a clinic at DIdasko.  While there were having their clinic, there was team doing some repairs on the playground.  When the work was complete we made our way back to the mission house for dinner.  Tonight we had chicken and rice with a roll.  Of course it was delicious!!!!  After dinner, we had devo and announcements.

It is very hard to believe our trip is coming to an end.  It has gone by way too fast!! We had two arrive today and we have one leave tomorrow.  Then most of the team will leave to go back to the States, while some of us will be headed to Costa Rica for 10 days.  So please continue to pray for the work and for safe travels.  We love you and miss you all!!

In Him
Brandy B

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