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Saturday, July 4

I Belong to Jesus!!

Ok just stay with me on this post.  I have a lot to cover!!

July 2
We started like all other days with breakfast, then devo.  After devo we divided into a medical team, VBS/Daughters of the King team, painting team and a construction team.  This was our last full day of work so we were BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!

Everyone but the construction team went to Diamante.  The construction went to build a home for a family in the La Tigra Rainforest.  The Diamante group pulled out as early as possible so we could get as much completed as possible.  When we arrived, we unloaded as quickly as possible so we could begin the medical clinic.  Our medical staff along with Dr. Ponce from Honduras worked for hours ensuring that as many people could be seen as possible.  By the end of the day the team was able to see about 223 patients!

During the medical clinic there were other projects/activities happening.  The team conducted a VBS and provided snacks to the children.  We had about 100ish to participate.  After VBS, the team set up for Daughter's of the King.  This a time where we wash, comb, and fix hair.  We also wash feet and paint toe nails.  We do not paint finger nails as much due to the schools not allowing them to be painted.  I'm not sure how many girls were served, but it was a large number.  We also had a team working to complete as much of the classrooms as possible.  I know we completed one building and a good deal of the others.  Other teams will make sure the buildings are completed!!

When we were finished we loaded the buses to head back to the mission house for dinner.  We were served PUPUSAS!!  I do not expect all of you to know what I am talking about, but it is a personal favorite of mine!!  After dinner we met for devo.  It was the last night for Jeremy Crump to lead devo.  He, once again, delivered a great lesson.  It has been awesome having Jeremy speak to us and teach us over the past few days.  After devo we were given instruction for the following day.  Then we headed to bed for so much needed sleep!!

July 3
We woke up and had breakfast at around 8.  We were able to sleep in on Friday!!  After breakfast we had a devo then, as quickly as possible, loaded the buses to go to Diamante to put the sign on the school and do a group photo!!  We arrived at Diamante at about 10:30ish. We posted the sign, got our group picture then loaded the bus to go to the Jesus statue for reflection.  This year we decided to break up into small groups to work on processing the trip.  For any of you that have done work in missions, I'm sure you understand that it can be difficult to return home and over come the processing.  I loved it!!  The small groups allowed us to really break the trip down and discuss things that we will always keep with us.  We laughed and cried during this time.  I'm so thankful that Terry, Tyler and Brian decided to do this for us.  It really put some things into perspective.

After we had some refection, we loaded the bus to head back to the mission house to begin packing and cleaning up.  We also had four baptisms in our group!!  GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!!!!  I can not even begin to express the joy I have seen and felt during this trip.  I will forever be thankful!!

At around 8 we had devo.  Last night we sang songs and Terry gave us a wrap up for the trip.  I completely agree with him when he made the comment about how we took an ugly stick to Satan this week.  We belong to Jesus and if we stick with Him we WILL defeat Satan!!!  Satan will always be there but God is so much BIGGER!!!!!

July 4th
Today we got up early to load luggage and make sure all rooms were clean. The teams departed and are probably almost home now.  We have now arrived in Costa Rica, where we will be conducting VBS, Door knocking and a Gospel meeting at the Purral Church of Christ!  Our group has arrived safely in San Jose.  Leah Wright will be taking over the blog for the most part. I will be trying to post pictures from both trips as well.  Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for the team and the work daily.  We love you all!!

In Him

Brandy B

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