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Sunday, March 8

The tennis match

Following the prices of airline tickets to Honduras is like watching a tennis match at center court. Your head is constantly going back and forth as you try to follow the bouncing ball. First, American Airlines has the best price. Then it is Continental. Then it is American. Then it is Continental. Back and forth. Back and forth.

Today (Sunday, March 8), American Airlines now has the lowest fare out of Nashville. Here is the quote I got from their website:

Flight information for American Airlines:
Friday, June 26
Depart Nashville on AA flight #1877 @ 5:55 AM to Miami
Connect on AA flight#953 @10:40 to Tegucigalpa
Monday, July 6
Depart Tegucigalpa on AA flight #954 @ 2:20 to Miami
Connect on AA flight #410 @ 10:45 PM to Nashville

Total cost: $547. 20

This fare will not last long and I feel pretty sure that these will be the cheapest you will for the trip. If you did not book on Coninental this last week this is your best bet for cheap tickets and you need to move fast. This flight (and the Continental flight) will sell out so do not delay much longer.

PLEASE send me flight information as soon as you book so that I have a record of you (and/or your team). If you are flying from another departure point (people from Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, etc) please continue looking for tickets and get with me as soon as you book (especially if you are flying TACA). I know a lot of you booked with Continental last week so please get with me with your information.

Look for a another posting within the next few days. Good luck on getting your tickets. It is going to be a great trip and I am really looking forward to working with you this summer.


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