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Tuesday, March 3

Calling all bargin hunters

Just in: Low airline fare posted today!

Continental Airlines today (Tuesday, March 3) just posted round trip tickets from Nashville to Tegucigalpa for an amazingly low $544.20. This price includes all taxes and fees!!! I HIGHLY recommend anyone flying out of Nashville to take advantage of this fare. I know that I will be booking and I already know others that are jumping at this fare. This is as low as I have seen in years.


Departing info (Friday, June 26)
Continental flight # 2175 departing Nashville @ 6:05 to Houston; connecting on flight #756 arriving 11:39.

Return flight (Monday, July 6)
Continental flight #755 departing Tegucigalpa 12:28 to Houston. Connect flight #2471 to Nashville.

As a reminder, you still have the option of flying American airlines and fares will vary literally everyday. Good luck, may you find low fares in your travel plans!

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