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Tuesday, March 17

14 days and counting!

14 days and counting. March 31 is the deadline for applications and deposits.

It really does seem like yesterday I was sending out the first tidbits of information about the 2009 Honduras mission trip. March 31 seemed like such a long time away. And it was. Over 4 months to be exact. But now we are 2 weeks away from the first set of deadlines. I have received several applications and deposits already from the early birds. Now it is time for all of the others to get into gear and get your applications and deposits to me.

Here are a few reminders that you need to know:

* Everyone who is going on the trip must fill out an application.
* PLEASE make sure the insurance and medical information at the bottom of the application is filled out. This information is VERY important.
* Make sure to put your passport information on the application. Note: If you have not
received your passport yet, leave that section blank and then email the information to me as soon as you receive your passport.
* If this is your first time to go on a Torch Missions trip, you must have 2 letters of recommendation and an essay stating why you want to go on the trip.
* If you are under 18 years of age when we leave for Honduras you must have a Spanish permission form signed and notarized with your application.
* Everyone must sign the Torch Missions rule sheet and have it notarized. This is also due with the application.
* Please make your check out to Western Hills Church of Christ / Honduras or to Torch Missions 09 / Reeves. The deposit / first payment is $250.00. The balance and final payment will be due in May.
* Team leaders: If possible, collect all of the money from your group and send 1 (one) check to Western Hills or Torch Missions. It makes work on our end a lot easier.

* Team leaders: Make sure to make a photocopy of all paperwork before you mail it to me. It would also be wise to photocopy all checks that you collect.
* My address is:
Terry Reeves
221 Oak Hill Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087

I will be sending out additional information about the trip soon. I will be making out the tentative work schedule very soon. Once we have finalized number of people going this year I will have a much better estimate of the work fund which will help me determine how many houses and food distributions we will do this year.

Continue to keep our trip lifted up in prayer. Also, please pray for the team that from Friendship Christian School that left Monday. They will be working at Mission Lazarus installing a water purification system and some drip irrigation systems. They will also be conducting a VBS and doing construction as well. Also, Steve Davidson is taking a team down this month from Nashville and Marc Tindall is leading a spring break team. I am sure there are others too so keep the mission teams in your thoughts and prayers.

Awesome things are being done for the Kingdom and God is working though His clay vessels. What an honor it is to be able to do Kingdom work for the Master. Isn’t it amazing what He can do through people like us? Take care and I will be checking the mailbox for your stuff!!!


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