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Thursday, November 2

reading between the lines

This week in chapel we had an excellent lesson that I would like to share with all of you. The guest speaker works with humanitarian relief efforts here in middle Tennessee and has collected and sent supplies all over the world to help meet the needs of people that have suffered from a natural disaster or event. From floods, tidal waves, to tornadoes, people all over the world are hurting, both physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

During the lesson several of our students stood before the student body holding up poster board. On each board was written on giant red letter. At the speaker’s queue the students held out their letter in the sequence they were placed. The letters were the following:


We were asked to call out what we read from the letters. Without hesitation nearly everyone called out, “GOD IS NO WHERE.” The speaker went on to say that when people are in desperate situations many times they cry out in despair wanting to know why this has happened to them and why God has abandoned them at the time of greatest need. It is during this time that so many needs a ray of hope to enter their lives to let them know that it is going to be OK and that someone cares for them. Isn’t that what Christianity all about?

So, next time you are asked to donate some can goods to the church pantry or a toy or two for the toy drive, maybe you will think twice. “Give till it hurts” is just a cliché until this concept penetrates your heart. Once you have looked into the eyes of the hopeless and despaired you will never be the same again. And once we respond, people see things differently. It is then that they might see, “GOD IS NOW HERE.”

Sometimes, it is just on how the way you look at something, isn’t it? Have a blessed week!


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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Jesus/Fear sticker on the Central bus...