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Monday, November 20

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Greeting one and all and welcome to turkey week! It is time for the holidays and all that goes with it. Lots of food, shopping, wrapping, and card writing will take up a lot of our time as we watch 2007 approach. It is so hard to believe that 2006 is almost gone, isn’t it? And it has been quite a year, I might add. But as we anxiously await Thursday, let us truly and honestly be thankful for all that God has done for us this year. Being thankful is so often in the form of lip service while the heart is disconnected. We, of all people, should be the most thankful people around. So, happy Thanksgiving, one and all, and best wishes for the holiday season.

My very good friend Ken called me today and we had a delightful chat. I miss so many of my friends in Florida and it is always good to hear from them, no matter what it might be. Ken called to inform me that my e-mail address I put on my last blog was incorrect. So, to avoid future embarrassment from him (and others I might suspect), here is my actual e-mail address:


If anyone tried the other one you probably found that it did not work or contacted someone who is wondering what in the world is Torch Missions! I look forward to hearing from you all soon. As always, take care and God bless!



Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Wish we could be with you guys again this year... Send my love to the extended family from the youngest McDowell, okay? :)

Anonymous said...

I emailed IRC webmaster with your updated email address.


Jen said...

HEY HAPPY FORTY - ELEVENTH BUDDY!!! Sorry I'm a few days late. love you. JEN