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Tuesday, April 26

What do you do when the wind blows?

An old farmer owned and operated a large farm outside of a small town in Indiana. He was in need of help and put an ad in the local paper seeking a farm hand. A handsome young man drove up to the house a day later to ask about the job. During the discussion, the farmer asked for the young man's qualifications. With an air of confidence the man replied, "I can sleep when the wind blows." Puzzled by the statement the old farmer scratched his head for a moment. He wasn't sure about the statement but the young man was kind, polite, and looked like he could handle hard work so he was offered the job.

Just a few days after the young man began work the old farmer and his wife were suddenly awakened in the night by a violent storm. The quickly set out to check things to see if everything was alright. As they headed for the door they noticed a good supply of split logs neatly stacked by the fireplace. As they circled the house they noticed that the window shutters had been closed and securely fastened. Inside the storage shed they found all of the farm tools neatly arranged and stored. The tractor was in the over-sized garage and the barn was properly locked. Animals were in their stalls and the horses in the corral. The finally made it to the guest quarters to check on the young man. The man was in bed and asleep. All was well.

It was then that the old farmer understood the young man's words a few days ago, "I can sleep when the wind blows." Because the young man did his work properly and faithfully when the skies were clear he was prepared for a storm if it ever came upon him. So, when the storm came, he was fearless and slept in peace. It isn't the things you do but the things left undone that gives you heartache and grief.

As our trip grows every nearer, it is my hope that we have done the things needed ahead of time properly and faithfully so that we will be able to sleep soundly at night while in Costa Rica or Honduras! 6 weeks and counting before our first group departs. Lots of work still to do. Lets get to it.


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