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Thursday, April 21

Time line updated!

April 21, 2011. Time line for those who need to know -

Wednesday, May 4th: Deadline for supplies being brought to Henderson, TN to go to New Orleans, LA for the container
Thursday, May 5th: Deadline for all supplies being loaded on the container in Melbourne, FL
Saturday, May 7th: Deadline for all supplies being loaded on the container in New Orleans, LA
Sunday, May 24th: Deadline for all paperwork, photographs, passport copies, etc.
Sunday, May 29th: All money and unpaid balances due. No checks accepted after this date, cash only from this point on.
Wednesday, June 8th: Interns and extended team leave for Atlanta
Thursday, June 9th: Costa Rica team arrives and begins work
Sunday, June 19th: Costa Rica team returns to the States; Nicaragua team arrives in Managua
Tuesday, June 21st: Extended team and advance team arrive in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Friday, June 24th: Honduras team arrives
Monday, July 4th: Honduras team returns to the States; extended team departs for Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras
Monday, July 11th: Extended team departs for the States

Supplies being sent to Honduras are due VERY soon. So far a ton of stuff has been collected, sorted, boxed, inventoried, and labeled. The Bell Shoals congregation collected a whopping 107 boxes of supplies! Steve Johnson and company have already delivered their boxes to Gayle in Melbourne. Ken Haab, in Islamarada, FL, has been collecting supplies for several weeks now and are nearly ready to take their supplies to Melbourne. Diane Adams will be taking supplies from Sarasota too. Up here, the Pennsylvania team brought down their supplies a couple of weeks ago. Theirs, along with supplies from west Tennessee and middle Tennessee, has totaled 106 boxes so far. Today more supplies arrived here at F-HU and we will be having another packing party in the next couple of days! I will also be ordering a pallet of Romen Noodles and some playground equipment to go on the New Orleans container. Tim O'Dell and the Cookville team have collected over 100 handmade dresses that they will be bringing down with them in their luggage. I believe the Mobile, AL team has collected several boxes of supplies as well that will be going over to New Orleans. I am estimating that we will have well over 300 boxes of supplies going to Honduras this summer!

LOTS of money that has been paid in has gone out in the form of deposits for hotels, bus reservations, etc. In just a couple of weeks I will be purchasing the supplemental travel insurance policies for everyone. The Torch admin fees will also be paid during that time. T-shirts are about to be ordered and journals will be printed within the next 3 or 4 weeks. In other words, we are on the move and the train is about to leave the station! Although a few have completely paid off their remaining balances, MOST of you are in the count down before final money is due. 38 days to be exact! If you are not in crunch mode, it is time. The next 7-8 weeks are going to fly by and there is very little time to waste. MANY still have not turned in vital paper work and several have not sent me flight information yet! That was due several weeks ago... I must have this information ASAP.

I will keep you updated on information schedules, etc., as I receive it. Man am I getting excited! Stay tuned, much, much more to come soon!


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