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Monday, September 21

Zelaya has returned

As the new week begins I received an email from Mark Connell this morning that Mel has returned to Honduras. Later in the morning news outlets began reporting the story. Ex president Zelaya has returned to Honduras in another attempt to regain his position of power. The showdown between the ex-president and the interim government is now at hand. President Micheletti has vowed that if Mel returned he would be arrested on numerous charges issued against him while he was acting president.

According to the news, Mel, along with a small group of friends, traveled across Honduras and arrived in Tegucigalpa. Rumors say he is at the Brazilian embassy. This attempt to re-gain his post will surly spark unrest in Honduras and more riots and protests. Once again Honduras will thrust into the limelight and the world will see the political unrest that has gripped Honduras for the past 13 weeks. If the government holds true to its promises, Zelaya will be arrested and put in jail to await trial.

Last week Greta Van Susteren interviewed President Micheletti on Fox News. During the interview Micheletti did a good job explaining the makeup of the Honduran constitution and why Zelaya broke the law. He went on to explain in detail why he cannot, according to the constitution, be placed back into office. The Honduran constitution is very, very clear on this point. A person can only serve one term as president (4 year term). Once you have served and leave office, even if you were in office for only one day, you cannot serve again. And interestingly, that part of the constitution cannot be rewritten or changed.

I am sure all of you that read this blog will follow the story. If you are like me you are concerned about what is happening in Honduras for multiple reasons. I am concerned for the government of Honduras. I am concerned that they will do the right thing in this case. I am concerned for Latin America. This event might be a litmus test for other countries in Central and South America. I am concerned about the other countries of the world and the stance they have taken in all of this. Maybe this time they will get it right. And I am most concerned about the people of Honduras and the suffering that is taking place right now. The poor of Honduras are in dire straits since relief groups have not been able to enter the country and countries such as the United States have cut off humanitarian relief.

I will keep you posted on the events going on right now. All of this will impact our plans that are being drawn up right now for the 2010 mission trips. God is in control of all things and we must rest in the fact that His will must be done. He alone knows the big picture and we must be willing to follow Him through this. James 5:16 tells us the fervent and righteous prayer avails much. Let your petitions be sent to God; He will hear them. Matthew 7:7; Matthew 18:19; Matthew 21:22; Mark 11:24; Luke 11:9; John 14:13; John 15:7; John 15:16; John 16:23; I John 3:22; and I John 5:14 all speak of God hearing and answering prayers. James says we do not receive because we do not ask. Or we ask with the wrong motives.

Pray for the events taking place in Honduras. As I told my youth groups many times, pray specific prayers if you want specific results. Lay this before God and He will answer.


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