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Friday, September 4

Are you ready to be?

Last year as preparations were being made for the trip I found myself juggling time and schedules as I taught 5 academic classes and coached 2 sports. I just didn’t have the time I had in the past to dedicate to the different projects of the Honduras trip including designing the t-shirt and writing the journal. Margaret can tell you even today that I struggled not only with time and schedules but also with writer’s block. Coming up with last year’s theme and journal was tough. I sat at the computer for hours staring at the screen waiting for something to inspire me. The Spirit moved of course, just when I was about to shrug my shoulders and give up. And the finished product turned out pretty well if I say so myself.

So, what would happen this year as the beginning stages are upon me? Well, I am not sure if it is the new surroundings, or the new job, the new schedule… it is hard to pinpoint it, but I am just filled with ideas, dreams, visions, plans, and more. I can see the trip unfolding right before my eyes. And it is exciting too. And it is genuine excitement too, if you know what I mean. Sometimes you have to motivate yourself to get excited, to “get up” for the occasion. Ask anyone who has been on multiple trips and they will probably tell you that even though they are excited about the trip, there is a fair amount of “pumping yourself up” that takes place.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with ‘getting up” for the big event. Athletes do it all of the time. Others do too, such as a salesman who is about to make that pitch to the client, or a public speaker right before he goes on stage. But sometimes you get pumped up just because you are just plain ol’ excited about something. Like a child on Christmas Eve… trying to go to sleep! Or waiting for the gates to open Busch Gardens (Tampa) so you can ride Montu! In a similar way that is how I feel about the trip this year. All I can say is that I am pumped and can’t wait to go.

The theme this year is, “RUE2B?” Yes, I spelled it exactly the way I intended. Most figured it out right away. It says, “Are you ready to be?” (The letter “E” is red… get it?) Trust me, that is what it says. But what does it mean? After all, it is an open-ended question, right? Consider it more of a challenge than a question. During our trip this year, are you ready to be: Challenged? Motivated? Broken? Inspired? A servant? Connected? A follower? A worker? A light? Salt? A mentor? An example? A warrior? Willing? Humble? Bold? Sacrificial? Merciful?

I don’t know about you, but when I look over that list it just sends electricity through my body. Those words just make me want to jump on the first plane down and start working now! But alas, I have to wait till summer to go to Honduras. But I do have 9 months to plan, schedule, write, design, print, screen, and collect! Even though it is only September, the wheels are turning and the plans are starting. I hope you are getting excited to and that you are starting to make your plans as well.

RUE? RUE2B? I hope so!!! Even though the political situation in Honduras is still a mess, the elections are coming up in a couple of months and hopefully everything will return to “normal.” Plans are being made for next summer and I hope those of you that read this blog on a regular basis is making plans too. Reports from Marc Tindall and Mark Connell continue to echo the same sentiment; the poor are in desperate need of help. Because of the needs Torch teams need to not only gear up for their trips next year but to increase the projects that they are planning. We must be diligent in our recruiting efforts to get team members and to raising work funds. 9 months may sound like a long time but it will pass by quickly.

I hope all of you enjoy the Labor Day weekend. God has been so good to us and I hope and pray He will continue! May you be a blessing to someone. Make a difference by being a difference. Dios te bendiga mi amigos!


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