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Tuesday, October 10

falling for fall

Its early October in Tennessee and the leaves are beginning to turn to those beautiful shades of yellow, gold, and reds. It has been 7 years since I have seen “fall,” the season of the year that doesn’t really exist in south Florida. The temperatures are dropping and the sky seems to be a brighter shade of blue these days. It is amazingly beautiful and awe inspiring. Those around here are not even impressed yet; they tell me that the best is yet to come. I tell them that they are numb to the beauty and are taking it all for granted. I think we are both right.

Isn’t it amazing to see something new, or through refreshed eyes? You notice everything, all of the details. You just seem to soak it all in. I noticed the first changing of the color in the leaves about a week or two ago, when those who have lived here for a while paid little or no attention. It has been a long time since we have lived here and we have been looking forward to this time of the year. The explosion of colors on the hillsides and valleys, the cool, crisp air, and the smell of wood burning in the fire places.

Of course I know what is coming too. I know we are just a few weeks away from ALL of the leaves turning brown and then turning loose. Soon the trees will be barren and the fall weather will give way to winter, another season I have not really experiences in that last 7 years. Already the temperatures have dropped lower than the coldest days in Sarasota and I am pretty much convinced I am going to freeze to death this winter!!!! While people here are still wearing shorts and t-shirts, Margaret, Nathan, and I are pulling out the jackets, sweaters, and pants! I can’t imagine what it is going to be like for the next 4 months…..and I also know that Floridians are about to enter the 4 months of “paradise.” Such is the price we pay to live where we live and do what we do.

How is life with you? How do you find yourself in the changing of the seasons? Are you full of excitement and wonder? Are you soaking it all in? Or are you just taking it all for granted. Just going through it and dreading the next season about to come? If you are like me, sometimes you have to get away from your normal surroundings to be able to see through new or refreshed eyes. See things from a new place and a new perspective. Or maybe return to a place to experience it all over again. This is not only true about experiencing the changing of the seasons, but in all areas of life, including our spiritual life. Getting away from the routines and common everyday surroundings is a great way to get you out of your daily “ruts” and get the senses, emotions, and feelings going again. And I, for one, need that very much.

Take time to stop and soak in the beauty of God’s nature as it goes through its life cycle. Experience the power and wisdom of God through His creation. As it says in Romans 1:20: “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.” The finger of God can be clearly seen in the creation of the earth and all that is within it. How can anyone look at the changing of the seasons and not know that there is a God? Only in denial.




judy said...

Hooray, a post from Terry and it's about "fall" no less!!
Welcome back to God's country (outside of Canada of course!)

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back in this neck of the woods! Waiting patiently for trip schedules for 2007!!!!

Mark said...

It's weird having you back in TN. Maybe that way I'll get to see you more often.

Anonymous said...

So, you are in Tennessee again? It's hard keeping up with you! I am sure Florida will miss you, but Tennessee will be glad you are back. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

TR, it's great to hear from you on the blog again. I know life has been crazy for you and Marg and we are praying for yuns guys. (can you guess who it is yet? lol) Many from Kittanning have been asking about you two, jobs, housing, ... So let us know what's up when you get a chance. The leaves up here were beautiful and I got a chance to fly over the project and take some vid/pics, too cool. We already had our first snow and second one coming this week. Life is grand in the Tundra. Miss yuns bunches.
Your Gumbod, BKS (daGeek/McGiver/Yank/Hick...)