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Wednesday, November 2

LET GO!!!!

Its Wednesday night and I am back home from Bible study. Tonight we discussed the idea of selling out to something you really believe in with all of your heart. I love my Wednesday night class, the teens always have something to say and our discussions are always good. Random at times, but good. Tonight we read a story about a guy named Daniel, a 38 year old man who sold out to God at the age of 24. He had lived a rough life, made some bad decisions and had to reap the consequences of them. Then , in Daytona Beach, Florida, he attended a revival and became a Christian.

His incredible journey took him all across the United States, on foot, with all of his earthy possessions in a back pack. He wasn’t homeless, he was on a mission. The mission? To pass out bibles to people that he met along his way. He sold out to God and that is what he got, a life of loneliness, void of earthy possessions, and empty of life’s luxuries that it has to offer.

He had a sign that he carried with him that read, “Will work for food.” He meant it. He used the money to buy food and Bibles. Occasionally a new pair of shoes or a shirt. Just the basic essentials. He met a lot of people along the way during his journey. Many were rude and opinionated. Others were cynical or uncaring. Still others that simply ignored him and tried to pretend that he didn’t exist. And a few that stopped to help. Some of them gave a token offering, a dollar here and a couple of coins there. And a very small number stopped to help, really help. They took time to talk to him, to take him out for a hot meal. To pray with him.

Some life, huh? But it brings up a very interesting thought. What would happen to you, or me, if we decided to “sell out” to God. What would happen? Where would we go? What would we do? And more importantly, would WE DO IT? I have come to the decision that selling out would be hard to do. Really hard. And what is sad is the fact that many of us actually think that we have. But when I read this story I ask myself the question, “Have I sold out to God?” I look at the story of Daniel and I say to myself, “No way, I could not do that.” And I couldn’t. I wish I could say I could, but deep down I know I couldn’t. But thankfully, God hasn’t asked me to give up everything that I own, and hit the road for Him. He has asked me to do some other things instead. Other crosses to bear.

Some of you might be thinking, “I am glad I don’t have to walk the path that Terry has been asked to walk, to endure the fight against cancer, the surgeries, the radiation, the chemo. I just couldn‘t do it.” But that is the point, God hasn’t asked you to do it. He asked me to do it. When I sold out to God I took the path that God set before me. What has God asked you to do? Where has He sent you? Where is your path leading? And more importantly, have you sold out to God yet? For until you sell out to God, you will never be the person that God wants you to be. And, in case you didn’t know it, God is a great judge of character. Why settle for less than what God can allow you to be?

Our churches are filled with half hearted believers, hanging onto what the world has to offer with a death grip. They are too scared to let go and to let God take control. And because they can’t let go, they are being held back. And our churches are being held back. LET GO!!! WHAT DO WE REALLY HAVE TO LOOSE? And, more importantly, WHAT DO WE HAVE TO GAIN? Something to think about. If you dare.


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Marc T said...

Good stuff Terry.
Thanks & Love