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Saturday, July 1

Owls 🦉

Good morning everyone!  I apologize for not posting last night. I will be covering the last work day in Costa Rica and yesterday's travel day to Honduras.

June 29
The group had breakfast at about 7. We ate and split the team into two VBS teams.  The teams went to two separate schools and had a VBS for the kids. Group one was dropped off at a school not far from the camp. The group told the story of David and Goliath. They said the school was in a poor neighborhood and had limited school supplies. I did not get a solid number of how. Any kids were at the school but I would say approximately 30-50.  While they were doing the VBS at the school the second group went to the top of a mountain to a school. It was a really beautiful ride up.  We enjoyed taking pictures and looking at God's creation. When we arrived, we were greeted by the schools Rnglish teacher. The kids assembled at the entrance to begin Vbs. There were about 30 of the best behaved kids I have ever worked with. We also told the story of David and Goliath. The kids listened and answered questions before splitting up into 3 groups for crafts activity and snack. While they were in the groups, the English teacher shared that most of the children at the school lived in, what we call, shacks. Most of the families were immigrants from Nicaragua that and over to work the coffee plantations. The school also has limited supplies, but we would have never known without the teacher sharing with us. It really put some things into perspective for our team. We hated saying good bye to these kids. I cannot say enough how good these kids were and how beautiful!!

After VBS,  we met up with the others for lunch then went to do some shopping. We were able to walk around Sarchi and enjoy the scenery!  We had dinner and then began packing to head out at 4 am Friday morning.

Friday June 30, was a travel day. All but 10 heades back to the states. The other 10 headed to Honduras to begin a campaign in Honduras. We met up with 2 others and made it to the mission house for dinner. After dinner we all went to bed to get a good nights sleep before other group members come in Saturday and Sunday.

Please pray for safe travels and the work. We love you guys!!

Brandy B

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