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Monday, February 27

Top 10 reasons NOT to go

Most of the time you hear all of the reasons why you should go on a mission trip... but how about the top 10 reasons why you should NOT go on one? Here they are:

10. It will change the way you look at the world! Seeing the world through the eyes of the good ol' USA is good enough. It might be totally distorted and inaccurate, but it is normal for you. Don't mess yourself up and go and see how the rest of the world really lives...keep thinking everyone is just like us.

9. You will be harder to deal with! Your likes and dislikes will change. Friends and family will not understand nor appreciate your sudden change in attitude towards things. Stay home and blend in.

8. Your priorities will change! You might start thinking of others WAY too much and even decide to do "church stuff" more and more. Making yourself happy needs to be your top priority... remember, it is all about you.

7. You will feel uncomfortable with the things you hear and see! Certain jokes, TV shows, movies, music lyrics, will suddenly seem inappropriate. Don't mess up a good thing!

6. You will experience suffering like you never have before. After seeing how people really suffer, you will see how shallow complaining here at home can be and how good we really have it. You might even feel a bit guilty about all of the stuff we have. Why subject yourself to that?

5. you could get robbed! It is dangerous over there. Some countries have crime rates nearly as high as some of our inner cities. Don't take any unnecessary chances going somewhere unsafe.

4. You could get sick! Don't take any risky chances, stay home where you never get sick.

3. Your faith might get stronger! This might lead to all kinds of life changing decisions that might cause you to become like a Christian radical or something....

2. You might convert someone to the Lord! I know this is a noble goal and all, but it might cause excitement and joy that might create further interest in Christian service... you might feel obligated to do it more and more. Where and when would it ever stop?

1. You probably will go again! Once you go you will be sucked into thinking about doing this again... and again. You will probably sacrifice time off from work, not to mention money it would cost to go on these trips. Come on, what is valuable to you anyways?

Want my advise? Stay home and stay comfortable. It is too late for me, save yourself! Focus on numero uno and you will be just fine. Otherwise you might end up looking like.... well.... you know..................

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