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Monday, May 30

It is almost time!

Today our nation celebrated Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember those who have found and those who died defending the rights, privileges, and freedoms we hold so important and what sets us apart from the other countries of the world. I frequently see bumper stickers and billboards which state "Freedom is not free." that is very, very true. Great prices have been paid in order that freedom might exist today not only here, but other places as well. I know most of you, like me, have family members that are or have served in the military and I am very proud of them. It is very humbling to know that others, people I do not even know, that are standing in the gap for me right now. To say thank you is but one way to show appreciation. Memorial Day is but one day to honor those to whom honor is due. I hope we never forget the price that has been paid for us because there is no way we can ever repay it. Thank you!

Spiritually, the same thing is true. Every Sunday is a memorial day in which we honor and remember Jesus who paid the ultimate price for our freedom from sin. This freedom too came at a huge price. Jesus willfully came and died to take our place and to take our sins to the grave with Him. To say thank you is but one way to show appreciation. To remember Him and to obey His commands and wishes is another. I hope that we never forget the price that was paid for us because there is no way we can ever repay it. Thank you!

The Costa Rica team is now just days (1 week) away from leaving!!! Things are in a frenzy around here as we are getting the last minute things done in preparation for departure. Tomorrow (Tuesday) boxes and packages are being mailed out all over the place to get t-shirts, journals, water bottles, and rain jackets to everyone before we leave. It has taken us hours of sorting and double checking everything before packing them up and sealing the boxes. Depending on how fast the mail travels everyone should have their stuff by this weekend.

I am going to the bank tomorrow to let them know that a big withdrawal is coming (big for me anyways... for banks it might not be that big of a deal...). The supplemental travel insurance HOPEFULLY will be taken care of tomorrow... I am still waiting on 1 application to arrive... I can't order until I have every one's applications so I can get the right information off of them. Once that is done all of the major things that are pressing will be just about complete and I will be able to get to bed and get some sleep. I feel like I am aging in dog years!

Now would be a good time to go over your packing list, locate your passport (you would be surprised how many people panic the night before they leave because they can't find their passports!), and start prepping for the trip. Now, I know for some of you that you are laughing right now, and that is OK. Believe it or not there are people that really do get ready for the trip days ahead of time and do not wait till the last minute. I of course am not one of them, but there are some out there! Please make sure you have contacted your insurance company and your bank to let them know you are going to be out of the country... they need to know. If you take prescription medicines, now would be a great time to make sure you have plenty of medicine before you leave.

I will be sending out emergency contact information very soon for you to leave at home in case someone needs to reach us during the trip. Please remember that phone calls back to the States is for emergency purposes but emails and fax will be available on limited basis. We will be posting information about the trip everyday on this blogspot so make sure everyone knows the blog address so that they can read the daily updates to see what we have been doing! Brandy Barnett and her assistants do a great job tracking the events of the day and posting photos too. Also remember that we are going to be on a media fast. Cell phones, I-Pads, computers, I-Pods, etc. will not be used on the trip. We want participants to focus on the mission trip and getting to know people on the trip and not retreating to ear buds to listen to music, texting on cell phones, or hoping on a computer to check Facebook.

More information coming soon. I can't believe it is almost here! Take care and I will talk to you again soon!


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