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Thursday, May 27

Alpha and Omerga team listings

As the trip gets closer, more and more preparations are being finalized. Prayers were indeed answered as the container left Nashville and is on its way to Honduras. According to Healing Hands International, the container will arrive in Porta Cortez, Honduras, on June 6th. From there the container will clear customs and will be trucked to Tegucigalpa and unloaded into our warehouse. Hopefully by the time the advance team arrives everything will be ready for the team to organize and sort for the main team to use when they arrive on July 1st.

Artwork has been sent to Laura Barlow up in Indiana and the t-shirt orders are in. In just a couple of weeks our shirts will be ready to mail out to team leaders. I am working on this year's journal right now and it will be ready to go to print early next week. Margaret is done with the rooming assignments and will be sending it to Lori and Mark Connell this week. Food and lumber orders will also be made this week. Spanish coloring booklets are being printed this week too. Margaret sent out e-mails reminding group leaders and individuals of missing paper work that needs to be sent in. The books of much importance (yes, there are 2 this year due to the size of the team!) is filling up and will be done soon. A lot of stuff has been done so far!

The Alpha and Omega teams have also been assigned. From here, Nathan and I will begin our scheduling of projects and plans. Coordination between the two teams will be critical to make sure we have enough supplies and equipment each day for both teams and that we do not cross paths during the work days. It is important that we do not over work an area or omit an area due to oversight. It will be even more challenging since a third Torch team, Mark Halbert's group from Mississippi, will also be in Honduras while we are there. But this makes the work that much more exciting as we map things out. We have made contact with several people in Honduras who are helping us with our plans. Greg Vaughn from Good Shepherd's Children's Home and Jorge Castillo, from Didasko Orphanage have responded to our e-mails and we have projects set up with both groups. They are very excited about our group coming this year to work!

Here is the listing of the Alpha and Omega teams. A lot of time and thought went into dividing the main team into 2 teams to make sure there was balance of age, talent, and experience within the 2 groups. Let me know if you are not on the list! Hopefully I did not leave anyone off (or spell any names wrong...)

Alpha Team / Team leader: Terry Reeves

Laura Barlow, Kristen Black, Leah Phillips Black, Allen Burris, Kedra Burris, Lester Burris, Maddie Burris, Rebecca Burris, Kevin Cline, Clint Coley, Jonathan Coxwell, Brittni Dudley, Garrett Elder, Joanna Fussell, Joel Fussell, Keith Fussell, Kim Fussell, Linda Gilstrap, Steve Gilstrap, Patrick Gutherie, Ken Haab, Sandi Haab, Lee Hagewood, Patrick Harvey, Midge Hendershott, Gary Hendrickson, Will Hendrickson, Rodolfo Hererra, Lauren James, Taona Kaulem, Steve Kemp, Allison Lincoln, Cindy McClain, Brittany McMahon, Brett Mitchell, Judy Mitchell, Reid Mitchell, Teresa Moon, Liza Moore, Dave Moorer, Loye Moorer, Drew Myers, Hannah Myers, Jeremy Myers, Tim O'Dell, Debra Overfield, Nathan Overfield, Katie Palmer, Beth Parsley, Jake Parsley, Lou Ann Rader, Margaret Reeves, Magdalena Rigg, Melanie Rigg, Darci Roberts, Natalie Sassine, Brittany Schneider, Carrie Schneider, Steve Schneider, Rita Sloane, Brian Steffy, Ashley Stewart, Jennifer Subic, Gayna Taylor, Jenny Taylor, Pam Timmerman, Ethel Townsend, Scott Townsend, Becky Warren, Seanne Warrior, Katie Wells, Melissa Wilson, Leah Wright

Omega Team / Team leader: Nathan Reeves

Diane Adams, Amanda Allen, Jessica Ashley, Meagan Baldwin, Zach Baldwin, Terri Barber, Whitney Barber, Brandy Barnett, Hunter Beaird, Cynthia Bennie, Sarah Bennie, Jerry Brown, Justin Brown, Daniel Burnell, Nathan Carroll, Marah Casey, Kaleigh Chaffee, Kennedy Cheatham, Terry Cheatham, Ken Fehling, Hailey Frazier, Andrew Gary, Tyler Gist, Katie Gooch, Amy Hein, Dan Hein, Sarah Hinson, Jenna Hostetler, Josh Hostetler, Emily Holton, James Johnson, Patti Johnson, Taylor Johnson, Jacque Jones, Joe Jones, Loni Beth Jones, Lonnie Jones, Jake Lovell, Jenny Lovell, Janelle Mabry, Jansen Mabry, Brandon Mann, Jody Mann, Valerie Morgan, Josh Myers, Kevin Newcomb, Daniel Osborn, Brittany Peppers, Rachel Potts, Zachary Quillian, Karen Reeves, Chad Roberts, Beth Rosenblum, Bruce Rosenblum, Judy Rosenblum, Michael Rosenblum, Christina Saenz, Mariano Saenz, Katie Schlemmer, Tara Shea, Austin Shivers, Angie Solar, Hannah Taylor, Matthew Taylor, Ray Thomas, Ray Thomas, Sara Tucker, Butch Weaver, Patti Weaver, Allison West, Will West, Matt Wilkinson, Eric Yow, Erin Yow

We will also have a few from the team that will be on both teams as needed. Besides the medical people, we have several additional translators on the trip this year: Flory Chacon, Jose Chavarria, Kristi Duran, Jesenia Jimenez, Esperanza Massana, Walter Mendoza, Minor Perez, Rene Puente, Chase Turner, and Christopher Wright.

Remember, next week is the deadline for final payments if you are paying by check. All checks need to be made out to Western Hills Church of Christ / Torch Missions 2010. Please mail all checks to us here so we can record them before sending them on to WHCOC. After June 3rd cashiers checks can still be sent to me until June 20th (made out to Terry Reeves). after June 20th final payment must be made in cash. Please do not send cash in the mail!!!! Cash needs to be hand delievered or brought with you to Honduras. Let me know if you have any questions on this.

More information to come! 34 days and counting! Are you ready? It is going to be amazing!


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