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Monday, January 26

Flights anyone?

It can best be described as a roller coaster. This weekend, like most, I spent part of a day checking on the prices of airline tickets going into Honduras this summer. And, from what I can tell, the only thing that is consistent about the prices is the fact that they are inconsistent. Prices on all of the carriers are up and down like an E ticket roller coaster ride at an amusement park. Of course, we expect ups and downs on a roller coaster and we pay big money for them; the bigger the ups and downs the better. However, when dealing with flights into Honduras, this is the last thing we really want. Playing the numbers game can be scary and nerve racking.

As group leaders, most of us are trying to calculate trip costs now so that we can begin the process of securing airline tickets and collect deposit money. At some point each group will have to make their decision to “go for it” as far as airline ticket reservations. Here are the most recent prices I found on the Internet Sunday:

American Airlines
Round trip from Nashville:
Flight #1877 to Miami; #953 to Tegucigalpa
Flight #954 / 410 returning: $845.20 per person

Round trip from Miami:
Flight 351 to Tegucigalpa
Flight 350 returning: $703.70 per person

Continental Airlines:
Round trip from Nashville:
Flight #2506 to Houston; #747 to Tegucigalpa
Flight #255 / 2471 returning:
$644.20 per person

Delta Airlines:
Round trip from Atlanta:
Flight #551 to Tegucigalpa
Flight #552 returning: $632.70 per person

Spirit Airlines:
Round trip from Ft. Lauderdale
Flight #829 to San Pedro Sula
Flight #826 returning:

As you can see, the prices are all over the place. Prices change weekly so I have no words of wisdom here. Last week American had tickets for $645.00, this week the same flight and seats are $845.00. Last week Delta and Continental were more expensive than American; this week they are cheaper. The only carrier that has been consistent in their pricing is Spirit. The most important thing to remember as we begin booking flights is the dates. It is very important that we all arrive on the same day and depart on the same day. Please note, carriers flying directly into Tegucigalpa will offer convenience AND the fact that you will arrive Friday morning or afternoon. Those who fly Spirit will land in San Pedro Sula Friday NIGHT around midnight and will arrive in Tegucigalpa by bus early Saturday morning.

It is my recommendation to all team leaders to try to have your tickets booked no later than March 31 when the deposit money is due. The same holds true if you are traveling with our group but are not under a team leader. As soon as your ticket is secured you need to email the flight confirmation to me so that I can have a record of your travel plans. This will help me in securing transportation for you the day you arrive in Honduras.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas. It is still early and even though plans are starting to get organized, nothing is set in stone as of now. I will be sending out trip objectives soon as to what we will try to do this year as far as the number of houses we will build, number of food drives, number of medical clinics, etc. Also, if you are a team leader and you have specific talent on your team (doctors, nurses, teachers, ministers, etc) please let me know. This information will help greatly as we begin to shape the different teams we will have this summer.

Thanks for all you do and for all the support you give Torch Missions. As always, we are here to serve you and to work along side you in the kingdom. May God be glorified in what we do. We offer our hands and service to Him that makes everything possible.


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ty_steffy said...

hey terry,
i can't give you a definite on whether i can go or not until probably march when i know what grad school i'll be going to (if any). and also what kind of job i'll have this summer. but spirit sure does look nice!! :)