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Thursday, September 4

September? Are you kidding me?

Labor Day. The last holiday before the end of summer. For some, it is picnics and family time. For others, it is holding on tight during hurricane season. For others, it is a time to sit and think about a loved one that passed away this year. Or celebrating a birthday (how ironic, eh?). For me, it is a little bit of all of this and more. Living in Tennessee we don’t have to worry about hurricanes but we have friends that do. I watched with fearful eyes as Gustav plowed into Louisiana. One of our dearest friends lost her mother recently. Margaret celebrated the anniversary of her 21st birthday Tuesday. And while some areas of the country have finally started school, we are finishing up our 5th week! My girl’s high school soccer team is 3-0-1 and life is flying by at the speed of light (a mere 186,000 miles per second for the trivia minded out there).

So, how is life with all of you out there? My Labor Day began with a drive to Huntsville to meet Nathan and Karen (I seem to use their names together a lot these days…) for lunch at Logans (not Greenbrier BBQ, which those in the know realize what a shocker that is….) Then we headed back to Lebanon for a special get together at Coach Armstrong’s beautiful log cabin home. It sits on top of a tall hill that overlooks the Cumberland River and you can see the hills rolling for miles in any direction. I had the privilege of baptizing one of my soccer players in his pool. Jorden Camp, my nifty true lefty mid-field winger (who went on the Brazil trip this summer) asked me to baptize her this weekend. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful time with friends and family.

We begin September realizing that we are 3/4th of the way through 2008. Stores will be putting out Christmas stuff any day now (whatever happened to Thanksgiving?) to usher in the fall and winter months. For that matter, fall break is only 4 weeks away for Friendship Christian! And, as amazing as all of that might be, 2009 is just around the corner and things are on the move for next year’s trips to Honduras. Wasn’t it just a month or two ago that we got back from Honduras? It all seems like a blur to me now…..

So, for all of the overly organized, day timer carrying, schedule keeping people out there, I would like to post next year’s trip date for you. It is never too early to start planning for next year’s trip. Our trip dates will be Saturday, June 27 – Tuesday, July 7. The 11 day trip will is sure to fill up fast so make sure to get the dates marked and begin your scheduling. I have been contacted by 6 new groups from Florida, Alabama, and Kentucky.

I will have applications ready earlier than ever this year. Applications for 2009 will be ready by the end of September. The cost of the trip will be $700 per person PLUS your airline ticket. I will begin searching for flight information soon and will get the information out as soon as I have it. The Tegucigalpa airport is open again so we should be able to fly directly into the city next summer. Depending on where we have our end of trip retreat will determine if we fly round trip into Tegucigalpa or if we will be flying home from another city.

I hope you had a great summer and that you are looking forward to fall (I know that I am definitely looking forward for some cooler weather!). Keep in touch! I always enjoy hearing from you. And, if possible, email me any photos from this year’s trip. I am working on a slideshow presentation and would love to have some of your best photos. My email address is
reeves.tl@gmail.com . Take care and stay tuned, lots of information will be coming out soon. Blessings.


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