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Monday, June 30

Join us for Devo!!!

We will be webcasting devos most nights at 8:00 pm (9 CST).

Click here!!


Sherry said...

Greetings from Western Hills! We really missed you in worship and class on Sunday. I hope to read your blog every day. (Who knew TR was so funny?!) God bless you in your service in His name. May He keep you safe. Loving our Lord, Sherry

Eric J. Yow said...

I love and miss Erin Mann! I'm praying for all of ya'll. Keep up the great work and let your light so shine before the Hondurans that they may see your good works and glorify God in Heaven. Be safe.

Eric J. Yow

Anonymous said...

We loved the streaming devo, even with the off and on static. Thank u so much for that! It made me feel closer to Terry C and Walker. Ok, and Jenny and Margaret, Mary, Lisa, Dr. Tom, Erin, Brandon, and so on and so on.....And of course you,TR. Not
sure why Sherry Klein is surprised that u are funny. You married into the McDowells. U have to be funny!

love ya'll Karise

Kathy said...

Taft did an awesome job as usual! Loved seeing and hearing all the brothers and sisters who are letting their lights shine in Honduras esp our Woodland Hills group. Katie H - Clint says show 'em how girls play soccer in Collierville. Love Kathy H

Linda M-Griffy said...

It helped us tremendously to see and hear our daughter enjoying herself. The singing was beautiful. Webcasting was a great idea!!! Thanks for including us at home. It made such a difference.

Kent & Linda Griffy

Jody -Erin&Brandon'sMom! said...

That was so cool! Thank you Mark!!Keeping you all in our prayers!Stay safe!Love from Tennessee!

Keith Fussell said...

Thank you very much for the webcast. Please tell Joanna and Kim Fusssell hello for me.

Anonymous said...

Melissa,ALex,Sam - so glad you made it ok and can't wait for devo tonight!
Love,Kelly,Rob,Jordan and Nick

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I miss you Aliena! I already sent you a message. Crispian misses you too, i think.

Kathy said...

anonymous responses should not be allowed to be posted!!

Ms. Kim said...

Hey Katie, we all miss you and are praying for you and everyone that is there with you doing the Lords work. I know that your parents are proud of you and so am I. Knowing someone personally other than my own daughter that is serving the Lord is an awesome feeling. Our Lord has a plan for both of you and this is just the beginning of that plan.

Everyone says HI!!!

Jenna has been keeping a daily journal for you of all the happenings from the pool and yes she has been taking care of me....LOL

Nick is at work but he wanted me to tell you hi and that he misses you.

God Bless you and stay safe. See you real soon.

Ms. Kim

Barb F. said...

Hi Emily! We were so glad to hear from Ryan that you made it to Honduras safely. We look forward to listening to the web-based devo tonight at 9:00. We will be reading the blogs each day. We'll be praying that you have a very successful mission trip and a safe trip home.--
Love, Barb F.

Raven E said...

Hey Guys, we miss you and love you all, Terry R keep updating the blog, you know some of us are living in the boone docks where we can't pick up the video. You know they don't run cable down here. Tell all the Bubbas that the new cooker, whom we will christen Lil Nelly is being built at this very moment and God willing, will be making even more money for Honduras than ever!!
Love you all, stay safe!
Nelson, Raven, and Taryn