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Wednesday, March 12

spring break, Honduras style

Ahhhh, spring break. One of several reasons I went back into education. But, for Friendship Christian School, it gets even better. We are on the “year round” schedule, which means we go to school for 9 weeks then get TWO weeks off. 2 glorious weeks off. Makes you want to teach, doesn’t it?

So, what does one do for 2 weeks off? For me, I am lucky enough to be in Honduras the first week of my break. I came down with Tim Hines and Tom Gilroy to assist in a medical brigade and to do some prep work for the summer trip. Included with this group are Janet Hines, and Mark and Lori Connell. Yes, you read that right, Mark, Tim, and I are all in Honduras at the same time. It is kind of like Haley’s Comet, happens every 96 years or so.

It has been a busy week so far and we still have a lot to do. The medical team includes surgeons from California and South Carolina who specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery. They are operating on children that were born with cleft lips and pallets. They plan on operating on 40 patients this week. Their day starts at 6:30 in the morning and ends at 7:00 at night. They are all wonderful people and are extremely talented at what they do.

During the evenings we have been showing them around town and going out to eat. Camperos and El Corral have made the rounds so far. I personally hope to squeeze La Cumbre in this week too, but I am trying not to be greedy! They are laid back so even a trip to Wendy’s would be good with them. Of course, I am like a fish out of water during evening dinner conversations since they are talking about medical stuff………. Not exactly my line of knowledge.

We went to a professional soccer match last night. It was my first time to be inside the national stadium. Matauga, one of the local teams here in Tegucigalpa, was playing a team from Mexico. The stadium was packed (probably 30,000) with soccer crazed fanatics. It was awesome. Of course, the final score was 0-0, so most Americans would think it was a boring game. But it was not at all. The match was well played and there was a lot of stuff going on inside the stadium too. Really cool stuff. I was only afraid for my life a couple of times during the whole match. Just kidding!

Today we met the mayor of Tegucigalpa and his wife at the hospital. They brought lunch to the surgeons and mixed and mingled with us. The mayor is a possible presidential candidate in the next election and Torch/IRC has a wonderful working relationship with him. As always, Tim is the front runner to make all of this happen. Not having a group to keep up with allows me to spend a lot of time with Tim and to see what he does. And he does a LOT! We also went out to Mololoa today to see the daycare facility construction and to take some photos. We got to see and visit with a lot of families and friends in the community too which was really cool.

Wednesday Tim, tom, and I are going to the congressional building to make a presentation before congress. We are meeting with the “Republican” party, known as the conservative party here. Later in the evening we have been invited to a reception at the home of one of the congress representatives. We also plan on going out to Santa Ana to see Janet Hines´property and to visit with Jen Wright and the kids.

I also had a chance to go up to Villa Gracia to see the completed construction from last summer. It is absolutely beautiful and will be a wonderful facility for our teams this summer. I am posting some photos for all of you to see. All I can say is that the singing this summer is going to ROCK!

I hope to post again before I leave. Continue to offer up your prayers to Honduras and the trip leaders as we get ready for the summer. God has given us a wonderful ministry and with that comes big responsibilities. Pray that we will truly make a difference this summer to all of those we come in contact and that those coming on the trips will be touched as well.

Until next time, God bless!



Anonymous said...

Terry, you are in our prayers while you are in Honduras and I want you to know how excited we are about this trip! Something exciting is going on here at home regarding our trip this summer. I just got Terri Barber to sign on for the trip and she is a dental hygienist. She is very excited to go and bring others. She lives in Centerville and was an FHU contact of mine. I can hardly wait to tell you the details. Anyway, Thanks for all you do! Please give my love to all my Honduran buddies, esp. my two Jens..God Bless and Love to you, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! I hope you & Mark Connell are not on the same flight home. I believe that was outlawed several years ago! haha Let me know how the presentation went. Can't wait for you to get home. Give all the "family" my love!

Ben Cooper said...

Hmmmm. Tim, Mark and Terry in Honduras at the same time.....That poor country will never be the same again!! I'm sure you've been asked to leave at least 1 establishment due to excessive howling laughter, and at least 342 moving violations have been committed...today alone. I've driven will all 3 of you, so don't try and deny that one!! Have fun.....wait, let me rephrase that....Don't do anything MR wouldn't do!!

Anonymous said...

sounds awesome!

hope everything goes well.

the place looks wonderful,
cant wait for this summer!

Anonymous said...

Mission House looks fantastic. It looks like a totally different place. Be safe and watch yourself, it sounds like you are running with a rought crowd down there!

Anonymous said...

Man, this has got me fired up! Come on summer, get here fast!

Leslie (Lester) Woods said...

I think the doctors need to eat at Pizza Hut before they leave Honduras.

Terry Reeves said...

It was not their birthday, silly!

BTW, the Pizza Hut is under remodeling, hopefully it will be up and running in time to celebrate your birthdays again this year......

We could always celebrate Jenny's birhtday, after all, it really is her birthday while we are down there!

Leslie (Lester) Woods said...

You can't celebrate a real birthday at Pizza Hut...duh! I think it's some sort of Honduran law.

I'm sure the alliance will not have any sort of problem celebrating my birthday even if Pizza Hut is still closed when we get down there.

Ben Cooper said...

Yip Yip!!......Yip Yip!! Another summer in Honduras....another 3 years older....

Leslie (Lester) Woods said...

Yipp! Yipp! BRING IT!! I ain't scared.