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Monday, April 16

You've got mail!

Monday, April 17. 11:24 pm. I am sitting in front of my computer at home (I am so excited to use my computer at home…. It has been such a long time….) trying to finish the day. It is going to be a short week this week. Friday our school is hosting a Special Olympics for the kids in Wilson County. It is one of several service projects our student body does at Friendship Christian. And, from what I can tell, it is one of the student body’s favorites. So, 3 more days of classes and then a fun one.

I am also trying to send my passport off to be renewed. I have waited long enough that I will have to pay extra to get it back in time. I just love wasting money, don’t you?” I can’t apply for my visa to go to Brazil till my passport gets back to me. I hate putting things off, but sometimes it just happens, right? Of course it does, and that is OK, but when it is time to go it is time to go.

And that leads me into this public service announcement. “Calling all slackers!!! It is April 16, 2007, and I have not received applications or deposits from many of you out there in cyber space!!! I compliment my group leaders from Nashville, Tn., Columbia, S.C., Memphis, Tn., and Kittanning, Pa. They are all in and accounted for. Soooooo, unless you are in one of these groups, this message is for you! I need paperwork, photos, and deposits ASAP.

It is very important that you get this in. I have a massive payment coming up in the next couple of weeks to pay for the container we are shipping to Honduras and I do not have enough money to do it. While we are at it, I don’t even have an accurate number going from each team. Planning projects, budgets, and transportation is all based on team numbers. So, please, help me out and get your stuff in as quickly as possible.

Ok, now that wasn’t too bad, was it? Of course, I could call out names, so let’s just keep this between you and me. My address is 221 Oak Hill Drive, Lebanon, Tn., 37087. Hope to hear from you soon! (make your check payable to Western Hills Church of Christ / Torch Missions)


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Anonymous said...

It's Kevin Cline. From GA. What do you need from me???