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Monday, January 22

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2007 is not only here it is flying by at an incredible pace. It is almost impossible to believe that we are already into the last part of January. And believe me, the plans for this year’s mission trips are well on their way. I have contacted several group leaders from past trips to get information to them and I have also contacted many individually. But there might still be a few out there that have not received information about the trips planned this summer so I am going to give the newest updates on the trips.

The next trip on the calendar is scheduled for the second week of March. I am planning on taking a team down to New Orleans to work for about 5 or 6 days with Tim Hines. The details are still a bit sketchy, only because I have had not had time to discuss them with Tim. The plans are to arrive in New Orleans on Sunday afternoon, March 11 and leave on Saturday, March 17. I will post specific information in the next week or so for this trip.

The first international trip for the year will be May 20 – 30 to Honduras. Nathan Reeves will be leading this trip. He has told me that he has already had several that have contacted him to sign up for this trip. There are still spots open but you need to contact him right away to secure one. Nathan plans on working in Tegucigalpa and will focus on building, visitation, distribution, and evangelism. The cost of his trip is $425 PLUS your airline ticket (each person going to Honduras this summer is responsible for booking and paying for their own ticket this year). You can contact Nathan at
ncreeves@gmail.com , or reevesnc@lipscomb.edu , or you can get the full details at www.ncreeves.blogspot.com .

Those planning on going on the June 4 - 14 trip to Brazil must also start making specific arrangements for this trip right away. This trip is limited to 20 spaces. The cost for this trip is $540 plus your airline ticket. Those going on this trip must get their applications in ASAP so that we can begin the process of applying for our visas to enter Brazil. I will have more information about this trip in the next week also, especially flight information. If you are planning on going on this trip and have not received the application and paperwork from me, you need to contact me as soon as possible.

The July 1 – 11 trip and the July 13 – 22 trip are filling up fast. I still have spots available, especially for medical personnel. Applications and deposits for these trips are due next month. The cost for this trip is $540 plus your airline ticket. I will post flight information about these trips next week as well. The July 1-11 trip will work in Tegucigalpa, Choluteca, and San Salvador. The July 13-22 trip will work in Tegucigalpa and possibly Comayagua.

We are planning on shipping a container of supplies down to Honduras again this year. Ken Haab, from Sarasota, Florida, is in charge of the container. The container will be scheduled to go down to Honduras the end of April so that Nathan’s team will be able to be there to unload it. Ken will be posting packing, invoicing, and shipping instructions soon. It is not too early to begin collecting supplies, especially medical supplies (Advil, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, cough syrup, vitamins, etc.) and baby/infant clothes. PLEASE SORT ALL SUPPLIES BEFORE BOXING THEM UP TO SHIP. We want to carry down items that are in VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT CONDITION.

Please contact me right away if you need applications and paperwork mailed or Emailed to you. It won’t be long before applications and deposits will be due. Be watching; more updates are coming soon along with flight information. As soon as you get your flight information, start booking your tickets. All trips are subject to seat availability!!!


Terry Reeves

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Hey Terry,

Like the new look. Is Jesus the great physician the theme for this year's trips? Talk to you later!