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Sunday, December 31

Honduras in December!!

Well, where to began? Terry's group came in on Wednesday, that sounds like a good place. When they got here they went through customs, got their bags, met Randy, and went to El Patio to eat!! It was there that Katrina Kluge, and myself met everyone!! Ten people in all came with Terry's group. After everyone ate we loaded up and went out to Santa Ana to Casa de Esperanza to play with the ten children living there. There are five new children that have been there for almost a month. These children have come from some pretty tough living conditions before coming to Casa de Esperanza, but now they will be loved and cared for like children should be. We spent about two hours playing with the kids before coming back to the Kluge's for supper. It was yummy too. We had mashed potatoes, beef tips, roles, peas, and yummy desserts!! Afterward the group went up to the Mission house for some much needed sleep.

On Thursday they went out to Jovenes en Camino, an all boys home, to meet the kids there. There are 76 boys there from 18 months - 14 years old. There they did some landscaping projects. They planted 16 new trees and spent hours on a flower garden they were starting. A church from Jackson, TN donated flowers for them to plant. They also played different games with the children there too. After they were finished there they came back to Teguc. to meet up with the Santa Ana kids for a party at KFC, but..."Welcome to Honduras", we weren't able to have the party at KFC because there was one already going on. So we went to Pizza Hut, oh wait, there was a party there too!! But good ol' Burger King came through for us!! YAY BURGER KING!! The kids loved it!! I think the gringos loved it too!! Afterward they went back to mission house for devo.

On Friday the group came out to Molola to build a house. Everyone had some part in the building, but a few came down to the kitchen and handed out toys to the children too. I am pretty sure that it was the fastest house that has been built since I have been coming here. The group was mainly rookies too!! They did an awesome job. After they were finished they came back up to the mission house to clean up a bit before going to Victor Sport to play some soccer!! Just a side note...Victor Sport has new turf that is really nice according to Terry Reeves. There were some typical soccer injuries (Ty and Brett you should know what we are talking about!!), but nothing to cry about (ha ha!). After soccer they went to Camperos for dinner, then back to the mission house for devo!

On Saturday the group built another house for an older lady. They had to take down a house before building and Terry said the lady looked really sad and had to leave for a while. When she came back they had the house completely finished except for the windows and door so it just looked like a big box. She looked really nervous and it didn't help when some of the locals walked by and laughed at it. But then all of the sudden you heard a chainsaw, and there was a door, poof!! That is when her eyes popped open and she had a huge smile on her face, those are the times I love Hounduras even more. After they finished the house Terry got a call from Gena asking him to bring the group to help unload a truck (40 foot container) of supplies at the bodega. They went there and did some back breaking work until about 6:30 and then came back to the mission house to clean up and go eat at the mall. After they ate they came back to the mission house for devo.

This morning the group went to worship out at Los Pinos, but before getting there they had a slight problem with one of the trucks. They had to tow it to the shop before making out to Los Pinos. There Greg Armstrong did the lesson. THey didn't know the gringos were coming and they had a big crowd. Terry said it was good to be out there to see all of his friends there. Los Pinos is doing pretty well even without a full time preacher. They still have dogs and chickens running around during church services too! After worship the group went out to the Valley of Angels to do some shopping for a few hours. When they finished there shopping they came to the Kluge's house for some good ol' Taco salads!! And here we are now watching football and waiting for the New Year!!

It has been a great few days and the group still has a full day tomorrow. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday and wish you all the best in the New Year!!


Brandy B

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Val said...

Hey Brandy~
Thanks for posting. Always love to hear what's going on. Hope everyone has had a great trip.
Love, Val