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Wednesday, March 29

Its true

I have been following with great interest the story of the Afghan who converted to Christianity 16 years ago who was recently thrown into prison in Afghanistan, his home country. According to Afghan law, converting to Christianity is against the law and is punishable by death. As news of this event reached around the globe many countries implored the Afghan court to reconsider their law and set Abdul Rahman free. Clerics from the Muslim faith voiced their condemnation and vowed Abdul’s death if he was set free.

Protestors chanted “death to Christians” during their protests as the fate of Abdul rested in the hands of the high court. Pressure mounted from presidents and prime ministers from all over the world, along with religious leaders, including the Pope. But the Muslims of Afghanistan made it very clear what their thoughts were on this event. They said the Quran calls for infidels to die. Abdul was caught with a Bible in his hand and even confessed to the charges. This was a very serious moment. What would the court do?

The high court announced that Abdul would be released because of lack of evidence against him. The court also said that it was not sure if he was mentally stable enough to stand trial. Clerics were outraged and protests of the news swept through the streets. Abdul was kept under heavy guard for his own protection. Then, without warning or announcement, he was released. His where a bouts was unknown. I cringed at the possibility of what would happen to Abdul. His life was in danger and the court released him. I was certain that he would be killed. But today I read that Abdul is safe in Italy and that they are granting him asylum. Leaving his home country was Abdul’s only choice, if he wanted to live. Leaving his home, his family, his relatives, leaving everything behind. Why? Because he became a follower of Jesus.

The Muslim religion is the fastest growing religion in the world and one of the fastest growing here in the US. Many of its spokesmen say that the Muslim religion is a religion of peace. They say that the Muslims that are terrorists and murderers are a small radical group that does not represent the whole of the Muslim people. However, I disagree. I believe that the Muslims are extremists, that they believe that they alone shall be justified before Allah and that anyone who is not a Muslim is an infidel, and should be considered an enemy. We need to be very concerned about all of this. Countries all over the world are having major problems with riots and uprisings and if you look closely, you will see that in many cases it is the Muslims that are involved. Their goal is global domination. And once they are in control, look at the laws they make. Look at the laws in Afghanistan, against anyone who proclaims to be different, such as a Christian. Look at what happens in Muslim countries, do you think for a moment that we really know everything that is going on over there? Come on, wake up and get real! For every Abdul that we read about, there are a thousand we never hear about. People are dying all over the world because of their relationship with Jesus. EVERYDAY.

Jesus said that if we followed him that the world would hate us. It is true. He said that if we followed Him that we would be persecuted. It is true. Jesus said that it would not be easy, for if the world hated Him that the world would hate us. It is true. Jesus said not to fear the one who could kill the body but to fear the one who could kill both the body and the soul. It is true. Jesus is the truth, the way, and the life. No man can go unto the Father except through Him. It is true. Jesus said that if we love Him we will obey His commandments. Again, it is true. Obedience in Jesus Christ is without question the most important thing in the world.

I am afraid that another holy war is coming. Just like the crusades we read about in our history books. Christianity against the Muslims. Except this time it will not be swords, bows, armor, and horses. It won’t be spears and javelins and foot soldiers. What will it be like? Tanks? Missiles? Bombs? Nuclear weapons? I don’t know. Will it be a war of words, policies, and sanctions? Will it be a war of political maneuvers? I don’t know. Or will there be no war at all, will the world allow the Muslims to sweep in and take control without a fight? I don’t know that either. But the thought scares me to death.

Have we been so busy fighting among ourselves, “defending the faith,” dotting our “i’s” and crossing our “t’s” that we have allowed the real enemy to approach unhindered? Has the Christian community beat themselves senseless yet? Have we learned to fight against ourselves to the point that we can’t fight against the real enemy? Believe me, Satan’s hand is in this mess. He is the conductor of this orchestra. He can play religion with the best of us. If he played it with Jesus during the temptations in the desert, he will certainly play it now. He can turn neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother. Country against country, and religion against religion.

The world needs Jesus more than ever; to know who He is and what He can do. The world needs to know about His mercy and grace. The world needs to know about His salvation and His judgment. This planet is a ticking time bomb. Death and destruction is in the air. People are dying everywhere. Lost. Without hope. Without Jesus. ETERNALLY LOST. Maybe we should take that Great Commission thing just a little bit more seriously. Now. What do you think?



Anonymous said...

I've been following this story myself, I am so glad that he got out and is safe! You are right, it is an angry world out there. We are just too niave to know it.

Adam (Tn)

Anonymous said...

You are not very politically correct, TR. To say that Christians are "right" and Muslims are "wrong" is judgemental, to say the least. We only see and hear what the media tells us, and riots and uprisings sell papers and magazines. Its all about the all powerful dollar and you know it. Maybe Muslims are not as bad as we are led to believe. Who knows? Maybe we should get more facts before we start casting stones.

JMA said...

By all means, let's be "politically correct" when the dangers mentioned are just as TR pointed out. Is the story not true? Mr./Ms. Anonymous, you are correct that the media plays a part and is funded by the dollar. But how much of the negative is the media NOT covering because it is not being provided the money? You would be uninformed to believe Muslims don't persecute Christians on a regular basis. However, others would be ignorant to think Christians don't persecute Muslims. Persecution is not acceptable, especially in the form of death. As a Christian, I believe killing someone who does not believe in Christ would do them harm. I hope to lead them to Jesus before death.

By the way, Jesus coined the phrase "casting stones." And he was referring to a situation when someone needed to repent and follow Him.

Anonymous said...

The persecution of Christians has been going on since the death of Jesus himself, and history will point it out. As a matter of fact, most of modern history is full of stories of Christian persecution so this really isn't anything new, what is interesting is the fact that the news is covering it at all. Keep the faith, stand tall, and receive the reward promised to you!


Anonymous said...

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