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Wednesday, September 14

Wanted: Experienced workers

I know lots of people are still checking and reading our blog, many everyday. I appreciate the opportunity that I have to write my thoughts and feelings to you and I appreciate the e-mails and responses to the articles. Of course, Children of the King is but one of several blogs that are logged from many different groups and people involved in Torch, Mi Esperanza, and IRC. They offer good reading and insight and I highly encourage those of you that faithfully read this one check out the others as well.

In the mist of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Torch has become a key relief group in the area. Tim Hines is on the ground and is helping in coordinating relief work that is coming in from all over the United States right now. Gayle Davidson is heading up medical relief work and is doing a fantastic job. There are so many people involved in helping right now that it would be impossible to list them all. I would like to encourage all of you to go to www.waywalkers.blogspot.com to keep up with the relief efforts going on through Torch.

As Torch team members, we have all worked in harsh 3rd world conditions. Working without power, running water, clean water, etc., is nothing new to us, we do it day in and day out in Honduras. Because of that, and because of the kind of work we do in Honduras, we are quite qualified for the relief work that is going on in Mississippi and Louisiana right now. I want to encourage you to try to find time to go down to work in the relief efforts. Your skills and work experience is very valuable right now. And they need help! Take a few vacation days off and go. Take a long weekend and go. Get a team of volunteers together and go. This is important stuff and we are trained and experienced at this stuff.

Tim’s blog will offer lots of news and information about the relief effort. It lists supplies that are needed and contact information. Every person matters and every dollar counts. And we don’t have to worry about where the money is going and who is doing what. We don’t have to worry about finger pointing or playing the blame game. We are on the ground and we are doing what we do best, helping those who desperately need help. And sharing the good news about Jesus.

As a side note, please keep me in your prayers. I am scheduled to go to Moffitt Cancer Center Thursday, September 15th for surgery. I have to have more melanoma removed from my side. I am still in the battle and I do not know what lies in store for me. God is the great healer and prayer is powerful. It is in His hands and I will rest in that fact. I am hopeful that all will turn out well. Thank you for your prayers and e-mails, I love you all! Take care and I will talk to you again soon. Keep working in the Kingdom!



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


We continue to monitor your site as well as Tim's for news in NO. I couldn't make arrangements to leave this week with Nate - not enough advance warning for what I needed to do at our hospital. I emailed Tom Gilroy, but haven't heard back yet. I want to know if there are other groups going from the Memphis area, & if I can hook up with them. Also, what kind of clearance the health care workers need due to governmental regs - Gayle had mentioned some in one of her postings.

As always, we continue to lift your name before our Father, and know He is in control. We love you. May this day bring peace and confort related to your journey with melanoma. ---- Mona

Jen said...

My dear friend:

May you never forget when we look on we see a true warrior...with a David heart, chasing after the Father. Regardless of the battle or where it may lead we continue to lift you up to the One who loves you more than we ever could. Difficult to imagine cause we love you a whole bunch.

We're with ya in heart and prayer.

Love you guys.

dexter92emilia said...
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